Have you ever wished there was a fridge packed with cold drinks and snacks within arm’s reach of your pool? How about being able to rinse off after a dip without dripping all over your carpeted bedroom? One of the best solutions to these problems is an extension that includes a pool house. Adding a pool house to your property not only enhances the enjoyment of your pool, but can also increase the overall value of your house. Here’s what you need to know about building one:

What’s a pool house for?

In short, a pool house is an offshoot of a home where guests can change and shower closer to the pool. These days, most pool houses have a dual purpose, acting as a place to store bulky pool maintenance equipment, toys, and accessories in a contained area, as well as providing a covered space for entertaining or barbequing. A pool house can be a simple structure with just a shower, or a fully-fledged guest house with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Some people go even further, adding an outdoor fireplace or hot tub to their pool house. Anything that would make a swimming pool a nicer place can be included in this property extension!

I’m sold! How can I build one?

If the idea of having a pool house appeals to you, and you are eager to get the construction going, you need to remember that you’ll have to make sure it complies with a number of permits and laws surrounding local codes and regulations.

When it comes to this stage, we strongly recommend working with an accredited and reputable extensions company. They’ll be able to liaise with your local council on your behalf and manage the Development Application approval process. They will also help you with planning your pool house in such a way that it doesn’t clash with your existing property layout, including pipe and sewerage lines, and that it is compliant with any local restrictions that may apply to the use or dimensions of the structure.

Putting all of the above in place before you begin building is important, and might take several months. It’s important to remember that this planning will save you time and money in the long run, and ensure that you can enjoy your pool house for years to come.

If you’re interested in adding a pool house to your home extension, contact the team at Duncan Thompson Extensions today!