Heritage homes are the great visible images of our unique Australian history. They allow generations to peek, as it were, into the past for a brief moment. But these heritage homes, being old, do need restorative renovations. The problem is, how do you restore your heritage home without taking away its historical and invaluable significance?

These tips are here to help guide you on what you can do without disturbing the unique history of your heritage home:

  • Preserving

Firstly, you need to hire a building expert who understands heritage homes. For example, when you plan on adding new light fittings, your company must ensure that the ceiling’s ornate decoration is not disturbed or obscured in any way. Old pipes should be replaced with copper only, and rotten windows can be replaced by new windows in the style of that era.

  • Residing

Heritage homes are not museums, in spite of their historical relevance. You should want to live in it and make it a home. If you need your Wi-Fi and other electrical systems, such as fire alarms, installed, you will probably need to rewire the home. However, you will need a professional because installing wiring through vintagewalls requires a professional hand to avoid damage.

  • Exterior

Since your heritage home has its most appeal from the outside, the façade should remain unspoiled as much as possible. It is recommended to keep the Federation style in the front for onlookers and remodel the backyard with more contemporary living décor. You want to ensure that your outside area is perfectly intact with its heritage.

  • Interior

Renovating the interior of your heritage home is a controversial point. It depends on what you consider more important. Remember, you have to live in it; and if the interior is just not what makes your life enjoyable, then by all means, hire a designer to alter the interior to your taste. However, keep some of the olden-day charm, such as the ceiling artwork and finishing. A good designer can help liven up the Victorian look while offering décor of modern finishing.

  • Maintenance

Since a heritage home offers an important link between the now and the then, it is essential you keep up with the maintenance. There will most likely be imperfections, but it’s better to keep these imperfections intact because these are what add character! If your steps, for example, are worn, dented or chipped, but are not dangerous, don’t attempt to fix it. Leave it in its original style.

With these tips in mind, it is best that you hire a professional, experienced Australian home extension company so that all the restorations to your heritage home are done with creative and professional workmanship.

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