Because our design consultants are the people that meet with you initially, and the ones that design your extension, they take personal pride in their work and look forward to providing you with a positive outcome.

They understand that form and function must work together hand-in-hand to provide you with a practical solution to your extension needs, but also a solution that looks fantastic and will add value to your home.

The most important part of their job is to understand you and understand your extension needs. You know what you want, so they listen to you. From this they will work out the best possible way to cater to your requirements and give you multiple options to choose from.

Our clients are people who appreciate the long-term value of investing in a good design and a standard of workmanship that corresponds with the value of their home.

Our Design Team

Our designers thrive on exceeding client expectations and enjoy nothing more than helping to find a creative or practical solution to your space needs. They combine their passion with their extensive experience and qualifications to provide the best possible outcome for their clients.

Designing your home extension

The house extension design process must be a collaboration between you – the home owner, our design team – headed by our Design Manager – our professional Building Team – headed by our Building Manager and our Estimation Manager. This collaborative approach to designing home extensions guarantees a better outcome is achieved.

Extension Ideas

Every house extension we design and build is done with a family’s unique needs in mind. No two families are the same, and you know what you want better than anyone else.

Custom Design

We ensure our design not only delivers on your expectations, but also complements your home, with total consideration for your home’s period, place and culture.


Every floorplan we design is unique and complements the needs and wants of your family. We never use ‘off the shelf’ floorplans or layout designs like some extension builders.

3D Extension Design

We use specialist designing software to create and develop 3D computer models of our projects, which means that all can be tested, reviewed, and adjusted quickly and easily.