Our designers use specialist software to create and develop 3D computer models of our projects

Modelling in 3D from the beginning means that all aspects of the building can be tested, reviewed, and adjusted quickly and easily.

Ground Floor and Second Storey Home Extension

Ground Floor and Second Storey Home Extension

Blackburn Ground Floor Extension

Hampton Upper Storey Extension

Glen Iris Upper Storey Extension

Upper and Ground Floor Extension in Glen Iris

The 3D models we create are used to generate the design drawings, the contract documentation, and of course the perspective renderings and walk-throughs that are so useful in helping our clients fully understand the form and details of the proposal.

All our designers are trained and experienced at thinking in 3D, but our computer modelling tools provide a much more effective way of displaying these ideas than is possible with traditional 2D drafting.

Our 3D rendering software has the capacity to create photorealistic renderings of your design ideas. This provides you with unprecedented clarity of vision—you’ll know exactly how your home will look and function before your extension has even begun.