Covid-19 Stage-4

The 8 step ‘extension design and quote’ process during Stage 4 Covid-19 restrictions:

1. Contact Duncan Thompson Extensions and our design team will call you for a discussion via phone, or video consultation options

2. Where we would usually visit your site in person, now we will be discussing your extensions plans remotely, based on the detail you are able to provide us with. Do you have current building plans? We will be able to discuss these, as well as guide you through the measuring process remotely

3. Design review meetings are conducted via video consultation ensuring development of the plans in accordance with your brief. A copyright agreement will need to be signed

4. Concept plans and specifications are prepared by our drafting team for our in-house estimator to price

5. Presentation of the design and quotation is via video consultation. 3D animations and perspectives are provided to assist with visualising the design

6. Once the design and quote are acceptable, a preliminary agreement is signed, and a deposit is paid

7. Working drawings, structural engineering completed and building contract signed, planning and building permits are obtained

8. Project construction commences on site by our supervised building team
Along with the majority of the community, we are currently being affected by the impact of the virus. We are trying to “remain calm and build on”.

We are trying our best to continue business as usual and prioritising staff health and safety by adhering to all government requirements and updates. We have a staff member who has completed the e-learning unit for Infection Control for COVID-19, which allows us to take the correct safety measures for our staff and clients.

What we are doing to maintain our infrastructure and stay functional:

We have implemented risk management strategies to keep the business functional as the landscape changes.

Connecting with Clients

Currently, we are working with an appointment-only policy. We are not taking walk-in contacts.
All supervisors and admin staff are contactable by phone and email. We have a designated emergency number prepared should the office become a no-go zone and all calls will be diverted to that number. Our client liaison person will contact all clients and employees daily to keep them updated with our situation should any shutdowns on sites occur. Our supervisors will liaise with the clients also regularly. Designers are available to talk with clients regarding any queries that they may have at any time via phone, Skype or Face Time.

Staff Morale and Well-Being

We encourage staff to stay well and communicate any concerns they have to their supervisor. There will be a daily video conferencing meeting every morning for all staff. A current list of all phone numbers and emails has been distributed to all staff.

Active Administration

Our staff in the office have all been equipped to work from home. We have organised for all staff to be able to communicate with each other via the team app and video conferencing will take place when needed. External business associates will still be contactable by phone.


Our electronic spreadsheet enables all to access new enquirer information and allows our designers access to all information needed to see their new allocations and communicate/respond to all enquiries. This is available to designers on all their electronic devices.
We will maintain our online profile and let you all know what our activities are and how we are reacting to these ever-changing circumstances.

Work Sites

All our staff are expected to work according to Occupational Health and Safety Requirements and we liaise with them every day to ensure their needs are met. Logistically, all building supplies are still available,and all our staff are working according to current social distancing rules and. the supervisors connect between clients and tradespeople and ensure compliance with all current Stage 4 requirements. From our perspective, we can function as normally as we can with these strategies in place and while there is a health crisis in the country. All strategies are subject to government policy and we will continue to update as changes occur.
-We have adhered to and implemented all government risk strategies and requirements.
-We have planned for an out of office workforce.
-We have equipped staff with the necessary equipment to function as a team in an out of office environment.
-We have implemented risk strategies to protect office workers, site workers, and clients and associated public.
-We have trained staff to have an understanding of the health management aspect of the crisis.
-We have implemented a digital strategy for the management of enquiries.
-We have developed a communication strategy to keep all workers and clients connected.
-We have maintained our media profile to market our product and communicate with the public.
-We continue to monitor the government requirements and maintain open communications with all staff, clients and the public.