Being a resident of one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, Malvern, comes with many advantages. You conveniently located in an area that has some of the best schools, business hubs, and shopping centre. On top of that, find out why it’s important you maintain your heritage home by learning about the history of the iconic suburb.

Maintaining a ‘living museum’

With a history dating back to the late 1800s, Malvern is a well-established area, and many of the buildings, structures and homes built in this period stand to this day, and bear various unique characteristics that allow them to be considered by the government as ‘living museums’. This also means that when you live in a heritage listed property, you’ll be expected to maintain it accordingly.

To do this, you’re going to need to undertake intensive research into the building’s original plans, the general aesthetics of the architectural period. This will require the help of a renovation or extension specialist, in particular, an expert builder or architect who has experience in restoration work.

What are your responsibilities?

If you decide to make any adjustments to your heritage home, you’ll need to find out from the local councils and government what restrictions are in place before making a final decision, as you encounter some roadblocks depending what you have in mind. You’ll find that commonly-approved changes include upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, and rear extensions.

You won’t need to apply for approvals for minor maintenance and repair work; however, with major jobs, you’ll be expected to keep original renderings, decorative moulding, and painting intact. Parts such as metal, roofing, tiling, timber joinery, and fencing should also be restored to match its original appearance as closely as possible, with no dramatic deviations permitted.

Working with an expert building team, such as renovations specialist Duncan Thompson Extensions, will ensure that you remain on the right track when maintaining your Malvern heritage home. From the initial design and planning stage, right through to the building process, they’ll ensure your renovation or extension is completed to the highest standard.

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