Our builders are literally the best in the business

Unlike some builders our team of experienced tradespeople have been with us for many years and possess all the skills and craftsmanship necessary to build any extension to the highest standard. Carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers, tilers, painters, no matter what the trade, we have the best people working with us.

Because we offer such a good work environment for all our people, we are often approached by trades people wanting to work with us. We only source our materials from leading trade suppliers who are recognised in the industry for good quality materials that meet all relevant industry standards.

Our experienced builders and tradespeople have been with us for many years. We are confident that we have the best people working on your home.

Choosing the right house extension builder

The most important thing on your wish list when choosing a builder for your home extension should be quality. You are about to embark on a once in a life time project on what could be your most valuable asset, your home. After you have paid the final bill the most important consideration is that you will have to live with the finish and quality forever. So ask your builder to provide you with photographs of home extension projects they completed. Ask for references from previous customers.

From concept to completion

Duncan Thompson Extensions is a full-service house extension builder, so when we say “from concept to completion”, we mean it. We work with you during every stage of the development: from the initial consultation; through the design stage; all the way through construction; and finally, to completion. We will always be there to manage the project—there is no better way to make sure a house extension project stays on task, avoids complications and also meets your every need.

Planning & Permits

We’ll determine what permits and planning approvals are required to build an extension to your home. We negotiate with Councils on your behalf so there’s nothing you need to do.


Every home owner should ensure they have adequate insurance on their home before they start an extension. We can assist you if you have concerns about your level of cover.

Building Inspections

During every home extension a series of inspections are carried out to ensure all aspects of the construction have been implemented safely and within mandatory building requirements.


Our people, from the front office right through to the onsite trades have worked with us for many years. This continuity of people ensures a smooth workflow during every extension we build.