Before you fly off with your ideas about how to improve your home, there are certain things you need to consider first. More often than not, DIY projects become a nightmare, causing disappointment and frustration to the once-enthusiastic homeowner.

With these seven tips,you will be properly prepared for your DIY project, so you don’t end up on the sofa with a face dismayed and speckled with paint, staring at a half-painted wall.

  • Tip One

Great expectations are great to have because it helps you raise the bar so that your work can always be of a higher standard. However, when it comes to DIY projects, not having the training, expertise and experience may lead to great disappointments instead.

  • Tip Two

Cheap is expensive, as you may have discovered already. Not knowing the right paint to buy or the right wood to use can end up costing you a lot more in the long-run. You may want to save by doing it yourself, but it could end up costing you more in the end.

  • Tip Three

A helping handis your best friend for DIY projects. Ask your friends or family members to help you out. Buy them lunch and make them part of the project. It will lighten the workloadand give you more time to do the work with greater concentration and creativity.

  • Tip Four

Imagination…and then realitycomes like a whirlwind to annoy you. It’s best before you start imagining granite-top counters, to consider what your strengths are and what your wallet can handle. Keeping this in mind may keep you from giving up midway because you will be prepared.

  • Tip Five

Nothing is standard-size, even though you may have heard such phrases as “save standard space for your microwave” or “a standard shower door”. Your shower may be bigger than your neighbour’s, right? First things first: buy a tape measure or you may end up having to pay more for bespoke décor because your measurements were wrong to begin with.

  • Tip Six

Planning is key.Without a proper, detailed plan, you will end up ruing the day you ever decided to pick up the hammer. Sit down and use at least an hour to plan properly. Break it down, step by step. Think what you will need to buy, the process of the project and try to be realistic in regard to your time.Now that sounds like a plan!

  • Tip Seven

A reality checkis important because this is a reality, not a dream. Being realistic about time and money will help you avoid disappointment. All projects end up costing more. You will almost always have to rush to the hardware store to buy more paint, for example. So rather than giving up, overestimate your costs and your time.

With all this to take into consideration, you can now go ahead with the project to improve your home. But if you want it to be done by people who do it for a living, why not contact one of Melbourne’s experts in the field, Duncan Thompson Extensions on (03) 9836 8655.Utilising the help of a professional team of builders and designers may be a better option for you if you feel you won’t be able to complete the project yourself.

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