We’re a fortunate nation. Our climate is perfect for outdoor living and dining. Adding a veranda to your home, especially in Melbourne, swellsthe value of your home, and encourages you and your family to entertain outdoors and enjoy the greenery, instead of sitting inside all the time.

Here are FIVE reasonsto hire a professional to add an extension to your home so that you can enjoy the benefits of alfresco dining and living.

  1. Alleviation of Depression

Deakin University Australia published a study recently in which it revealed how significantly a connection with nature can help fight the onset of depression and help alleviate depressive episodes. Adding an alfresco dining area and having nature close by can give you and your family inner joy and peace. The tranquillity of dining outdoors is something that can be enjoyed any time of the year. A professional home-extension builder can help you create a space for all seasons.

  1. Shade

We suggest that to have your cake and eat it too, you should consider installing a temporary or permanent shading structure, so that you can enjoy the outside without having the sun’s boiling rays interrupt your alfresco dining experience. It is suggested to use polycarbonate roofing. Another great option might be to incorporate your shading area with a natural scene such as a vine or creeper, which will add greatly to the outdoor experience.

  1. Creativity

The great thing about an outdoor dining area is that you can be as creative as you want. Imagine your veranda enclosed completely in glass or with French doors. You have the benefit of a great garden-view as well as excellent protection from the weather during winter months. With an alfresco dining area, you can let your imagination run wild, and then call in a professional home extension builder to do it.

  1. Entertainment

Entertaining indoors has its limitations, especially during our hot summer months. Start building or improving your outside area now, and by the time summer comes around, you can entertain your friends and family in style. Think of including a BBQ stand or a fireplace for winter. You can go all out here, from flooring to roofing, making it an area you’ll enjoy for years to come. There’s really nothing that beats an outdoor dining experience.

  1. Resale Value

Without an outdoor dining area, the value of your home is limited to what your interior facilities offer. Since most Australians love a good BBQ, it would be an investment to call in a home-extension builder to help renovate your outside area so that it can become a focal selling point for your home. Adding a deck or a creatively-styled veranda can increase your investment substantially.

Outdoor living should be part of your home, whether it already exists or you can build upon what you’ve currently got. To ensure you get the best result, make sure to contact a professional home extension builder such as Melbourne’s renovation expert, Duncan Thompson Extensions.

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