Coined in 1969, Federation Houses have always been a fascination for Melburnians and according to leading auctioneers, this fascination is not going to end anytime soon. In fact, the desire for such homes is only growing, and the prices in suburbs such as Balwyn, Kew, Camberwell and Hawthorn are fetching as much as they ever have.

What is it exactly that makes Federation houses so sought-after?

Experts consider these three factors:

  1. Australian Pride

On 1 January 1901, we became the Commonwealth of Australia, and during that period of Australian pride, Victorian and Edwardian architecture was the chief style of new homes. The residential architecture of those days has seemed to stay with Melburnians, whose homes have lined the streets of certain suburbs ever since. Something of that time has stayed in the hearts of subsequent generations and has become the heart of architecture in some key Melbourne areas.

  1. Australian Taste

Cottage-style houses are mostly associated with the Melburnian love of Federation homes. Australians have a particular taste, enjoying the beauty and convenience of a veranda where residents are likely to be found relaxing during the summer months. The gardens also add to the flavour of a Federation-style home, giving it that luxurious feel that not many other homes can boast. Prices are on the rise, according to real estate agents, and adding a façade with a contemporary interior is what most buyers are looking for today.

  1. British Influence

Although independence from the British Empire was achieved long ago, the influence of Victorian architecture, language, culture and style remain with Australians today. Closely connected to the British Commonwealth, Australians follow the style of what the British settlers considered beauty. Streets lined with these Federation-style homes have a picturesque standard, especially when such homes are semi-sheltered by trees and Australian flora. Even though today this style should correspond to modern finishing, it’s aesthetically-crafted façade of the mid-nineteenth century architecture has and shall continue to be a love for Melburnians.

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