If you own an older home, there’s a good chance that it’s been designed in a Federation style, considered by many as Australia’s take on Edwardiandesign and architecture. This unique style marries the best of American and English design styles,and adds a uniquely Australian flavour. If you owna Federation-stylehome, it could possibly have been built around the turn of the 20thcentury, which means that you’re enjoying one of the most unique home designs in the country. Despite this, we know you might want to renovate or expand your living space, so here’s what to consider when planning a Federation home renovation or extension.

Most Federation homes were built in a time when a smaller living space was more practical, and where large gardens (for growing your own food) were common. In today’s modern world this is no longer a necessity.Australia’s harsh weather, and the general cost and time involved in maintaining a sprawling garden,influences many people who nowadays are choosing to expand their living space and shrink their gardens. This needs to be done in a way that maintains and replicates the original design, and matches the architectural stylings unique to a Federation home, like the decorative motifs on windows and gables of the home.

Maintaining the Federation’s flair is easier than you think, seeing as you can use modern imitation materials that offer the look and feel of a Federation home, at a lower price. Anadded advantage of using these new materials is that they can look identical to older ones, but can also be optimised to improve the energy efficiency, insulation, and even the ventilation of your home.
Your first step will be to obtain the necessary approvals from your local council, especially if the extension will involve altering the wiring or plumbing of your home. Your renovator or builder who will assist you with this part of the process, as the planning and approvals required will differ depending on your unique vision for your Federation home extension.

If you’re located in Melbourne, Duncan Thompson Extensions can assist you with your Federation home extension. We are experts in planning extensions from concept to completion, we’ll take care of all the considerations for you.Get in touch with us today!