When you decide to renovate your home, you normally deal exclusively with one or two senior members of the business until your plans are finalised.It is understandable that you’d feel taken aback by the sheer amount of people who turn up on day one of construction!

Many people fear that a large team of strangers could result in theft occurring on their property, while others are concerned that too many team members are being employed with only some of them actually adding value. At Duncan Thompson Extensions, every person on your renovation site is important and has a role to play, and below we will explain why…

A structural engineer will inspect the plans and site to ensure all extensions and open spaces are adequately supported and safe. A building supervisor will oversee the entire project and co-ordinate workers, while also being your ‘go-to’ person for project updates and information. Excavators will prepare new areas for basements or underground construction, and if necessary, asbestos removalists will provide safe, legally complaint asbestos treatment and removal.Carpenters will build the structure.

Bricklayers will use bricks or stone in walls or other structures such as fireplaces and chimneys,while concreters will mix and apply concrete for floors, stairsand footpaths. Renderers will apply cement mixtures to other brick surfaces to improve their surface quality, while plasterers will create decorative moulding.Painters will finish off these surfaces, inside or outside the house.

In your home’s interior, plumbers can create new bathroom or kitchenplumbing lines,and they will also install any new roofing, while water proofers ensure that areas that meet water remain intact and resist damage. Tilers will prepare and lay tiling, while electricians will be present for upgrading, removing and installing wiring.

As for finishing touches, carpenters and cabinetmakers will create and install wooden cabinets, wardrobes, decks and flooring. Air conditioning experts will install split/ducted and HVAC systems,while insulation installers may optimise the home so it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. Finally, landscapers can create or adjust your garden during or after renovation.

As you can see, each member of the team has a different role to play and depending on your specific project, it cannot be completed to satisfaction without all the key players. When you’re working with Duncan Thompson Extensions Extensions, you can rest assured that every person on site is working towards a single goal –to create the best renovation possible. If you’d like more information about our extension process and who would be involved, just check the building tab on our website or contact us today!

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