We’ve recently received a lot of questions around what exactly the differences are between renovations and remodelling when you’re considering getting construction work done for your home or business. Luckily your favourite construction company is here to help clear up the confusion.

  • Renovation

Renovation is all the construction activities surrounding the act of improving or repairing aspects of a room or building. This means that the project site activities will include – but are not limited to – repainting, cabinet repair or re-facing, installing light fixtures, and installing and upgrading various aspects of the room.

The focus of renovation is to leave the space more appealing than it was before it began, ideally in such a way that it adds value to the home. This means that renovating rooms, especially the kitchen, is a great way to boost the value of a property if you’re thinking about putting it on the market. Smaller scale renovations can also provide a great return on investment.

  • Remodelling

Remodelling, on the other hand, is concerned with the alteration or changing the use of a given space. This means that if you’re considering changing the layout of a room or altering the floor plan of a home, then you’re thinking about getting it remodelled. For example, you’re considering remodelling if you want to break down a wall separating your dining room and kitchen to create a more open and friendly space. Or if you want to enlarge the amount of area in your kitchen to make cooking easier.

Because remodelling involves a greater amount of changes, often much more permanent than renovation, the process also often costs more. If you’re looking to drastically alter the floor plan of your home, for example adding another room, you might have to ensure that you comply with local and federal building legislation.

If you are interested in either remodelling or renovating your home, make sure you choose a team that can provide you with the quality service your home deserves. Contact us today for more information about our services, or if you want to find out which option would suit your home the best.

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