Is it time for a bigger bathroom space? Do you need a new one altogether? How about splitting your bathroom and laundry into two separate rooms? Whatever your plans for a bathroom or laundry renovation, there are several things you’ll need to consider first to ensure you get the perfect outcome:

  • Your needs

In your mind, you may have the perfect idea of what your laundry room or bathroom should look like. Should the basin be free-standing, for example? But what we would advise you to do is shop around a little. Look in magazines, go to stores that stock ready-made bathrooms. Have a look and see what would suit your home the best. Don’t make a hasty decision. Write down your ideas list and keep it for the next step.

  • Your needs vs.reality

Now that you have your list, let’s look at the reality of your needs. In essence, this comes down to how much are you truly willing to spend on your dream bathroom renovation or your laundry extension. Do the ideas you have actually fit within your budget or does the sum on your calculator read much higher than you first anticipated.If it’s the latter, you may need to compromise by prioritising what you definitely need and then deciding on something you can probably do without.

  • Your renovations company

Once you’ve got a solid plan in your mind, it’s time to work out who you’re going to use for your project. It’s best to sit down with a couple of companies to see which one you feel more comfortable with. In saying that, if you meet with one and everything seems like it would be a good fit, there’s no harm in choosing them straight up. It’s important during this step that you discuss your ideas to see if they are viable and the process in which the design and build will take place – plus, your likely costs.

With these tips on hand, you can go ahead and plan your perfect bathroom or laundry renovation. For more information or if you would like to speak to an expert in this field, contact Duncan Thompson Extensions by calling(03) 9836 8566.

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