If you take a look at Kew today, it goes without saying that you wouldn’t recognise it from centuries ago before the European settlers arrived in 1840. Back then, the site that would become Melbourne was inhabited by the Wurundjeri people who occupied the Birrarung Valley, its tributaries and the present location of Melbourne.

Since the early Bridge Road crossing development years after the European settlement was built, the area was named Kew. The importance of this brief history is to show how the actions of the British influx a couple of hundred years ago still has a significant effect on the area today.

The Edwardian Prestige

Throughout Kew, you’ll find that many people label it as one of the most prestigious suburbs in Melbourne, which means that real estate value in this area is high. What makes this uniquely attractive, not just for real estate agencies, is the Edwardian and Victorian architecture motifs along streets such as Sackville Ward, and the surrounding streets of Alfred, Rowland, Wellington and George. These are some of the finest examples of period architecture in and around the city.

For those in the area, it’s become incredibly crucial to maintain your period homes to ensure the longevity and history of such an iconic area. All that is needed is to get in touch with a renovations company to find out how and what type of heritage house extension will be required.

When deciding on which extension company to use, it’s important that they understand the unique and precise finishing required when working on Edwardian and Victorian architecture. It’s best to ask them about their experience working with period homes and to see examples of their prior heritage extensions.

If you want to find out more about how and when you can renovate your Kew home to maintain the Edwardian architectural heritage, contact Duncan Thompson Extensions today.