If you are building or renovating this year, it’s important to be aware of the current trends in building, design and materials. Whether you are looking to build your forever home or you’re renovating to sell, you want to get it right, and that means taking your time to plan a home that will suit your requirements or maximise value. As the first year in the new decade, 2020 promises to deliver a host of new building trends that will likely influence your build or renovation. Duncan Thompson Extensions are Melbourne’s leading home renovation builder with over 30 years’ experience creating quality homes for modern families. Let’s have a look at some emerging trends in home building that are likely to gain momentum throughout this year and next.

Sustainable Design and Biomaterials

Society in general is evolving towards environmental commitment and as such, building and architectural trends are all about sustainability. While this trend has been rising in popularity during recent years, green design has evolved to be about much more than simply energy-efficient appliances and LED bulbs. This year, it’s all about making sure everything in your home reduces your carbon footprint and minimizes any impact on the environment. Solar panels, biomaterials and building supplies made from recycled products or ethically sourced materials, and buildings that are self-sufficient and respect the planet are rising in popularity across Melbourne.

Luxurious Simplicity

In 2020, the idea of creating a sanctuary at home is stronger than ever, even more so after the last few months and the current global situation. Black and bold colours are being swapped for calm, pared-back tones emitting a cosy, lived-in feel that is also refined and luxurious. Elements of the outdoors are infusing interior design with new homes influenced by organic shapes and natural hues and textures like natural wood, recycled textiles and neutral colours, along with warm terra-cotta and other earthy elements.

Home Automation and Smart Homes

Another recent trend that shows no signs of slowing down, home automation has evolved from smart speakers and lighting to encompass more of the home to optimise comfort and convenience. From state of the art security systems, to an oven that can be turned on remotely to preheat, or skylights that can open and close automatically to maximise the sun’s natural light and heat, smart home technology is now being integrated into almost every part of the home.

Complete Customization

While mass market homes certainly still have a place, many home renovators are choosing to create a home that works perfectly for their lifestyle and not what works for everyone else. Creating a home that’s entirely unique to the residents is the latest trend, with everything from custom-built storage solutions and personalized architectural features to make spaces stand out currently in demand. Working with an architect or boutique home building company, you can create exactly what works for you in your new build or renovation.

Passive Houses

Rapidly gaining momentum in Australia, the Certified Passive House is a voluntary standard for constructing buildings that deliver a healthy indoor environment that is comfortable in temperature and humidity, while using very little energy. It is known as a ‘fabric first’ approach, by getting the skin of the building right, everything else falls easily into place. This architectural design philosophy has the primary objective of using available resources and maximizing energy savings. Passive houses not only save their owners, they also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who inhabit them.

Concern for the environment and commitment to sustainability are reflected in many of the architectural trends of 2020 and it’s likely these trends will influence the style, design and decoration of many homes being built and renovated in the coming years.

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