With minimalist cabinetry, neutral colour palettes, and luxurious metallic accents, contemporary kitchens have a subtle elegance and timeless appeal. Combining aspects of modern design with other styles, contemporary design looks and feels sleek, but incorporates subtle details to ensure the space is still warm and inviting and not sterile. At Duncan Thompson Extensions we are the leading choice for homes renovations in Brighton and surrounding Bayside Melbourne suburbs. While we specialise in heritage and period home renovations, we understand the features modern families require and one of those features is a functional, contemporary kitchen. Read on for our tips for creating a stylish and contemporary kitchen in your home.

Clean Lines Are Key

The contemporary kitchen borrows high functionality and streamlined surfaces from the modernist design movement, and focuses on simple cabinetry with clean lines. However, this style also incorporates details and texture to create warmth with things like interesting tiles and contrasting hardwood floors. Detail makes the design in a contemporary kitchen and paying attention to where lines meet and cross is essential. The splash back should sit in line with the cabinetry, drawers should be the same dimensions, the space should bare and uncluttered, and wall cabinets are often omitted to create a sense of openness.

Avoid Clutter

The list of details a contemporary kitchen can accommodate is endless. Popular contemporary items usually sport clean lines but are inspired by a host of design styles including Danish modern, Arts and Crafts, traditional and modern industrial. Trendy touches can be included, and while black and white are most commonly thought of as contemporary, you’re practically unlimited in colour choices. It’s important to remember, the one thing that can detract from a contemporary look is clutter, whether visual (too many colours or textures) or physical (benches covered in objects and ornaments). When it comes to colours, a good rule to abide by is the 60-30-10 rule: Sixty percent of the kitchen should be one dominant colour, 30 percent a secondary colour and 10 percent an accent colour. Store gadgets in drawers or in sleek containers and keep all cooking ingredients hidden away in the pantry.

Create A Sense of Space

The optimal design of a contemporary kitchen should look and feel spacious and appear sleek and uncluttered. Barely-there wall cabinetry and open plan island benches are a constant feature of this chic style. Building voids into the design is visually appealing and optimises harmony within this look and the use of simplistic and luxurious materials brings a sense of elegance and visual interest without overcrowding the space.

Play with Texture

Contemporary kitchens are minimalist in terms of form and function. Texture can be used to create interest and add depth to the design. Texture can be found in cabinetry doors, bench tops, splash backs, flooring and hardware. Contrasting marble with clean and simple cabinetry design and adding subtle detailing such as bronze door handles, tapware and lighting will enhance the look. A mix of detailing and texture creates an elegant and welcoming space that still has a modern and minimalist feel.

Use Modern Appliances and Fittings

Sleek and functional modern appliances complete the look of your space and are essential for a contemporary aesthetic. Forget bulky freestanding ovens or sinks, the idea is to hide or integrate your appliances to give your kitchen a streamlined and timeless look. If you prefer your appliances on display, go for crisp stainless steel to blend in or sleek black appliances to make a statement. Bold, yet streamlined, black appliances are modern and complete the look of a contemporary kitchen perfectly.

Incorporate Clever Storage

Every contemporary kitchen needs smart storage solutions. As the aim of a contemporary kitchen is to look sleek and spacious, storage can sometimes be sacrificed. Make the most out of any storage spaces you have – integrate rotating shelves into tall cabinetry to provide access to hidden corner areas or hide a functional coffee and tea behind doors to keep in-line with a fuss-free space.

While a contemporary kitchen is simple in design, sometimes achieving this simplicity can actually be quite complicated. A successful contemporary kitchen requires attention to detail and careful planning to create a clean, sleek and spacious environment.

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