3D Digital Render  home extenstion

Considering a home extension, you might wonder how it will look prior to signing off on the design. You can get an idea of what the finished project would look like by seeing a 3D model render created using our 3D modeling software. This technology allows home building designers to accurately represent how your new home extension design will appear once construction has been completed, ensuring that you and your builder are 100% happy with the final product before any work begins!

What is 3D Modelling?

3D Modelling is the process of creating a digital representation of an object or scene using 3D modelling software. The term ‘3D’ refers to three-dimensional objects, which are displayed as such on screen. The user can manipulate these objects through rotation, zooming and panning (moving across) to get a better view of any part of the model.

3D Modelling has been around for several years, but it’s only recently that technology has advanced enough to make it an affordable option for most builders and homeowners.

Benefits of 3D Modelling

The most obvious benefit of 3D Modelling is that it allows you to view your new home extension from any angle and in any season. This makes it much easier to visualize how the extension will look when you move in. 


Other reasons why you should consider 3D Modelling are:

  • Improves customer viewing experience: 3D Modelling is an excellent way to show off your new home extension before it’s built. You can view a virtual tour of your new extension on screen so that everything will be just as you expected when you visit the site for a viewing appointment.
  • Helps with room layout and design: with a 3D model of your new home extension, you can see exactly how it will look once it’s built. You will see how each room in your house will look with windows and doors in place or if there are any problems with lighting or drainage, all before work begins on-site. When the building starts, there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting for you behind closed doors.
  • Illustrates the use of colour and exterior materials: Using colour and exterior materials can help you visualise what your new extension will look like. This is especially useful if you want to see how it would look with a coloured render or if you want to know what material would be best suited for your project.
  • Helps you understand the process involved in the build: 3D Modelling will help you understand the process involved in building an extension. You’ll be able to see precisely where your walls and floors will be placed, making it easier when discussing ideas with your builder or architect.

3D Modelling at Duncan Thompson Extensions Melbourne

We know that having a 3D render of your home design before you start any work will help you understand what is possible with your extension project. With this in mind, at Duncan Thompson  Extensions we offer free 3D renderings on all our projects. 

We use 3D modelling technology to ensure that your new extension’s details are correct. For example, we can walk our customers through their new homes or show them how their kitchens will look in different colour schemes or layouts. The images are also helpful in showing clients how the finished product would fit into their existing property and even help them decide which windows should be used in their new extension.

Our expert team has worked with many homeowner clients over the years, wanting to extend their property into something more suitable for their needs.

We offer free advice on all aspects of home extension design.

Reach out today and have a no-obligation discussion with a designer at Duncan Thompson Extensions