Three Building Trends in 2021 – Part 4

Do you look at your life differently since the beginning of the pandemic? How about the way you think about your home? The truth is, the way we live life has changed due to the events of the last two years. This is reflected in the way we work, the way we socialize and the way we design our living spaces.

The design trends in 2021 all reflect these mindset shifts. What we consider essential and desirable in homes this year is reflected in everything from the layouts and the color choices to the interior design. In our last installment of “Design Trends in 2021” we dive deeper into the most popular interior design trends in Melbourne and around the world.

Invite nature indoors

Having been forced to spend lots of time indoors in the last two years has made many people aware of the lack of vibrancy inside their homes. It is easy to overlook this fact when you are living life at full speed. Family, careers and hobbies often take precedent over redecorating to change the vibe of your home.

 The concept of bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home has gained a lot of popularity this year. This is different from maximizing an outdoor space for yearlong use. Having nature join you and your family inside means recreating some of that beauty indoors.

This can be done by accentuating the natural light in your home. Decorating with vibrant and unique plants or growing herbs and flowers inside gives a tangible sense of being outside. Adding a water feature often creates the ambiance of the outdoors.

Some even partner with a home extensions builder to create a new space where they can showcase their love for nature by designing it into their homes. 

Minimalism as a Statement

A lot of people doing renovations in Melbourne are choosing to adopt a minimalistic outlook on their interior design. The appeal of minimalism stems from its simplistic and clean look. It can be refreshing when you change the layout of your home and incorporate these minimalistic ideas and concepts.

As a statement, minimalist interior design can convey a lot about who you are and how you live your life. A decluttered and open space accentuated by simple design elements can tell a lot about your preferences and personality.

The added benefits of incorporating minimalism into your home design come in many forms. Minimalist furniture is often very elegant and adds a sense of dignity and propriety to a room. Also, the fewer furniture and decorative elements you have in your home, the bigger your space feels. This looks great and makes for easier maintenance on your part. The  bonus is that with fewer items of furniture, you may have more budget to play with to design your home!

Using Neutral Colors to Accent Aspects of Your Home

Sometimes, there is a need for a drastic change in the feel of your home. For some, this is hiring a builder and building a home extension to add a completely new space. This can be a great option but you can create big change without big renovations if you want to.

Consider the trend of using neutral colors to accentuate aspects of your home that are beautiful. Perhaps you have a stunning hardwood floor but it is lost in the clutter and noise of your style choices. By removing the excess and layering in neutral tones in the furniture and decorations, you can really bring that feature to life.

Maybe you have ample light and large windows where you have a gorgeous mountain view. Installing neutral colors will allow the picturesque scene outside the windows to take center stage.

2021 has brought with it some amazing design trends to elevate your living situation. Use these trends as a guide to design the ideal home for you and your loved ones this year.