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Australians love nothing more than entertaining outdoors, with casual backyard barbeques, extravagant events and fun-filled family celebrations a regular occurrence in most homes around the country. Even for those who don’t entertain frequently, being able to keep an eye on the kids in the backyard from inside is high up on the priority list, however, many homes simply don’t allow for seamless indoor/outdoor living. Duncan Thompson Extensions is the leading choice for home extensions from Hawthorn to Hampton and everywhere in between. If you are looking to extend or renovate, linking indoor and outdoor spaces can make your home feel bigger and give you the ideal living zone to enjoy all year round.

Add More Glazing

Incorporating more glass at the back of your house will make both garden and sky views part of the room, and add to the sense of creating a spacious indoor/outdoor zone. Floor to ceiling windows can be easily designed into an extension, as can large sky lights which allow an abundance of natural light to flood in to the space.

Utilise Big, Bi-Fold or Sliding Doors

For the ultimate connection between inside and out, contemporary glass sliding or bi-fold doors are the ideal solution. Bi-fold doors with narrow framing are a popular choice for creating a large opening which blends both areas together with ease. Sliding doors also create a seamless outdoor link whilst allowing the maximum amount of light to flow through even when closed. French doors can also work well in heritage or properties with smaller backyards or courtyard spaces.

Be Consistent with Flooring

Using the same flooring choice in your indoor and outdoor space will draw the eye outside, giving the impression that it is one large consistent space. Keep in mind that if you choose tiles, tiles used outside must be suitable for use in all-weather conditions. You should also make sure you choose the same grout colour for an uninterrupted floor. Polished concrete is another great option for creating a continuous floor that works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor areas. It is also

Consider an Internal Courtyard

Extending a period terrace or semi-detached home often results in a long and dark hallway, and with a smaller block size, an extension of results in minimal back yard space. A great way to add light and create another zone that brings the outdoors in is by creating an internal courtyard between the side return extension and the middle room. Even a small internal courtyard can be a truly beautiful space with the right design and planning.

Choose the Right Materials

To really blur the boundaries between the two areas, you should aim to incorporate finishes outside that are usually reserved for indoors, and vice versa. This could mean an exposed brick wall could be featured inside and continue outside. You could paint exterior patio walls in a similar colour to internal walls, just be sure to use exterior paint for maximum longevity. Choosing an exterior pendant light over your outdoor dining table that matches in with your indoor lighting fixtures is another great idea to create a consistent look.

Design the Spaces Together

It’s easy to focus on getting the details right on the interior of your home extension or renovation. However, by considering both your indoor and outdoor living spaces as one zone as opposed to two separate areas, it’s inevitable that they will feel more organically connected. Whether you extend bench seating from indoors to out or position kitchen benchtops in a way that mirror an outdoor kitchen set-up are simple ways to create two cohesive spaces that work together as one.

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