As exciting as building your dream home from the ground up is, it also involves a complex process. An experienced draftsperson has the necessary knowledge and skill set to help smooth the process during the first 5 stages.

Stage 1: Initiating design concept

There is much more to the design concept of your new home than its style and size. Other essential factors include, cost, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, finishes, site orientation and adhering to local building authority requirements. Your chosen design team will work with you and make suitable recommendations on cost effective solutions. This stage also includes providing you with sketch designs that include all the above factors.

Stage 2: Developing design concept

This is a stage that develops the ideas formed in the previous stage. This stage answers questions like: which rooms in the house will feature tile floors and which rooms would timber floors be more suitablefor. During this stage, your building design team or architectcan offer most affordable alternatives to any finishing, building materials and fitting you included in the design concept.

Stage 3: Application for development permission

If your construction project is to be developed in a heritage area or on a site that is constrained by planning overlays, then ourqualified designer will take over the hassle of meeting application requirements such as preparing plans, drawing diagrams and conducting studies.

Stage 4: Preparing construction documents

Paperwork required in construction documentation includes: contract review, Working Drawings, Specifications, Liaising with Authorities and the Building contract. Any contract that you enter into should be thoroughly checked by your chosen architect as well as a lawyer to protect the scope of the construction project and your legal interest.

Before your construction build can be given the go ahead, the local Town Council will have to check the drawings and specifications of your building project against any regulations in place. As your designers, we can stand as your liaison partner negotiating on your behalf.

Stage 5: Selecting the perfect contractor

An experienced and qualified designer will have access to a network of reliable suppliers and specialist contractors and can make recommendations on suitable service providers.

Of course at Duncan Thompson Extensions, we offer a comprehensive service offering from concept to creation. Our professional team will meet your building project’s deadline, within budget and to your satisfaction. If you’re looking for an all-solutions extensions builder then give us a call.