The main challenge when renovating or adding modern touches to a Victorian, Federation or other ‘heritage’ home is keeping to the building’s architectural authenticity. This requires a deep understanding of the character and elements of design style and detailing. To complicate matters further, certain modifications require permission from local authorities. If you’re considering renovating your heritage gem, the advice, guidance and expertise of a professional designer or architectare invaluable.

Keeping faithful to the original spirit of design

Here are 4 ways proper design and drafters expertise can prove beneficial when renovating your grand period-designed home:

  1. Cost-effective solutions

There is no getting away from the fact that renovating a house is expensive, even more so if it falls under a heritage architectural design. A qualified building design teamcan provide much-needed advice and guidance on your vision and help you find cost effective ways to achieve it.

  1. Expertise

There are manyunknown and unforeseen challenges to renovating Victorian terraced houses.Qualified drafters and architectsare knowledgeable in what these challenges are and know how to solve them. Such challenges include: sloping structures, narrow layouts and lack of natural light.

  1. Meeting local council permit requirements

Renovations on heritage-focused house designs require planning permits, be it simple improvement projects like achange in paint colour or major works such as adding on extensions to the external structure. A qualified building design teamknows exactly what the regulations are and can facilitate the process of acquiring the necessary paperwork.

  1. Protect the integrity of the market value of your house

Protecting the resale value of your home should the time come for you to depart with it requires strict adherence to its style characteristics such as ornate detailing and the use of quality materials. A qualified building design teamwill not put the integrity of your period home into question, thereby protecting its value.

Need any of your questions answered about renovating your heritage-design house? Please get in touch with us at Duncan Thompson Extensions. We offer an all-inclusive quality service, from design to construction.

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