Taking on renovations involves making a lot of decisions that will have an impact on your home, but one of the more difficult decisions is whether you should find stay in your home and live in a spare room through the renovation, or get away from it all. We’ve put together a couple of things you should consider when thinking about staying or going during a renovation, which will hopefully make the decision a bit easier.

The type of renovation

The type of changes you’re bringing about in your home will be one of the definite pointers of whether you should stay or go. If you’re re-tiling a large section of your floor or painting the entire interior, you’re probably better off leaving. The toxic odours that will hang around are not worth the hassle. If you’re just enhancing a single room or completing a minor renovation, staying will be much easier. You can merely avoid the renovated area as much as you can.

Your financial situation

Depending on the project, renovations can be costly. So, whether you will be able to rent a space will be dependent on your budget. If you know that you’re taking on a large project, and will have to leave your home for a set time, try saving for it before the project starts. Or you can always ask friends and family to help out if it’s going to be a short stint away from home.

The inhabitants

Children and pets might find the constant movement of materials, the sounds of machines and the other events that surround a renovation highly disturbing. So if you have pets that are not used to strangers in their home or children in school that will have to be able to study in relative silence, consider a move during the renovation.

The day-to-day

We often become so used to our daily routine that we don’t think about the impact a renovation will have on it. Consider if you’ll be able to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry and other tasks of day-to-day life while the renovations are happening. If it looks like you might end up struggling to conduct these tasks, you might want to move to a location where all of this is easier.

These considerations might seem troublesome, but remember that the short-term inconvenience will be nothing compared to the long-term happiness you will feel when walking into your pristinely renovated home. Especially, if you had an expert team taking care of your renovation project.

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