There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home. Perhaps your family’s needs have changed or maybe you’ve come into some extra money that will allow you to make the move you’ve always wanted to. But before going under the hammer, have you first considered whether you could renovate and extend your current property instead. Here are a few reasons why an extension could be a better option than moving altogether.

First of all, your home is always your home. You build memories and a history of great stories with your family. Isn’t that something you’d want to hold onto for as long as possible. Should you want a house that is bigger – maybe you have kids that require a larger space – why not add to what you’ve currently got. You get the benefit of an enhanced property while maintaining the memories and the ability to create many more.

The cost of moving is a concerning factor for a lot of people. Growing housing markets, having to pay stamp duty and the mere hassle of outbidding other home-buyers for the perfect place are factors that can make a big move a daunting task – not to mention the epic task of the move itself. Rental vans, packing, hiking to and from properties, unpacking and then setting up all over again. It requires a huge effort.

To give up something that’s been a big part of your life for so long is very difficult. So it’s worth considering whether you could get the best of both worlds – remaining in your current home and renovating or extending it to match your living needs.

If you’d like to extend or renovate your current house, contact Duncan Thompson Extensions, who work to your individual needs throughout the entire project.

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