How long does a house extension take?

Every home extension is different and there are a number of factors outside of our control. However, we’ve completed so many extensions over the last 30 years that we have a pretty good idea how long it takes.

Whilst every home extension is different, it usually takes less than 6 months from the initial design consultation to when the extension is complete. Often, our clients are even able to stay in their house throughout the whole process.

Design & Planning

Initial Meeting: 90 mins approx.
In this meeting you will meet with one of our talented design consultants. You’ll sit down and discuss your ideas and goals, and the consultant can answer any questions you may have. He’ll suggest a few ideas, listen to your comments and then go away to start developing a solution for you.

Design Concepts: 1–3 weeks approx.
The design consultant begins designing your extension. They will be in contact with you frequently, taking into account all your ideas and requirements.

Revisions & Final Design: 2–4 weeks approx.
At this point, you and the designer will have developed a design for the final extension. You will work together to make any last minute adjustments you may have. Once this has happened, you will have a final design plan for your new home extension.

Contract signed.
Once the design is finalised, we proceed to the contract stage. This stage is to formalise the project and start working towards the beginning of construction. It is very important that you are satisfied with all aspects of the project. Your designer will confirm with you that you don’t have any questions or further amendments you would like to make.

Permits: 2–6 weeks approx.
At this stage, we complete applications and requirements that will be needed to make sure your new home extension completely satisfies all regulations. This will make sure there won’t be any unnecessary surprises or holdups. This process has been started in the previous two stages.

Town Planning: Up to 3 months approx.
Your house may need a town planning permit application in order for your extension to be built. We work with the council to facilitate this process. In extreme cases, Town Planning can take much longer than 3 months, however we have good working relationships with councils and can usually work together swiftly to troubleshoot any problems that may occur. We usually begin this process early to help avoid any time wastage.


Site Preparation: 1 week approx.
This happens right before we proceed to construction. At this stage your property will be assessed and prepared for the upcoming work that will soon commence. This involves making sure there will be no obstacles to the building process and setting out the extension areas.

First floor, sub floor: 2–4 weeks approx.
At this stage the builders will develop the sub-floor or concrete slab that the extension will be based on. This is the base for the rest of the extension.

Frame: 2–4 weeks approx.
This is the stage where the see the wall frames and the roof frame being built. This is the skeletal stage of the building process where your new extension begins to take shape and you can physically see all the new spaces you will have.

Lockup: 1–4 weeks approx.
After the frame is up, we add walls, a roof, windows and doors. Once this is complete it’s called Lockup. The extension is mostly structurally complete by this stage.

Fixing: Up to 6 weeks.
This stage is for all the aesthetic touches that turn a structure into a home. The architraves, skirting boards, doorknobs, bathroom fittings etc… all go on at this point. This is a stage that requires finesse to make sure your new extension will look exceptional.

Completion: 2–3 weeks approx.
Lastly, this stage involves finishing off any last minute jobs and making sure everything is complete before undergoing the final inspection. Once this inspection is complete, the final certificate for the building permit is received.

Note: Living in your home during construction
It’s important to point out that in most instances our clients can live comfortably in their homes while construction takes place.

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There are a number of factors outside of our control, however we’ve completed so many over the last 30 years that we have a pretty good idea how long it takes to build an extension.

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