Beach House Renovation

The salty breeze, the rhythmic lull of the waves, and the sun-kissed hues of the sand – a beach house is more than a house, it’s a sanctuary where sea and style unite. Renovating a beach house is not just a project, is about transforming your beachside haven into a relaxing coastal masterpiece that you can enjoy with family and friends. Read on for some seaside inspiration to help you during your beach house renovation.

A Palette of Sea-Inspired Hues

Choosing a colour palette for a beach house involves capturing the essence of coastal living, drawing inspiration from the sea, sand, and sky.

Ocean Blues – Start with the calming blues of the ocean. Consider various shades, from serene sky blues to deeper navy tones. These hues evoke a sense of tranquillity and connect your interior to the expansive sea.

Sandy Neutrals – Incorporate sandy neutrals like warm beige, tan, or light taupe. These colours mimic the natural tones of beach sand and create a grounding effect in your space.

Whitewashed Elements – White is a classic beach house colour. Opt for shades like crisp white, off-white, or even a hint of ivory. White reflects sunlight, making your space feel bright and airy.

Seafoam Greens – Introduce soft seafoam or mint greens reminiscent of coastal vegetation. These hues add a touch of nature to your palette and complement the blues and neutrals.

Palm Leaf Greens – For a bolder choice, consider deeper greens inspired by palm leaves. This can be incorporated through accent furniture, artwork, or indoor plants.

Infuse warmth with sunset-inspired hues like coral, peach, or soft pinks. Use these colours sparingly as accents in accessories, pillows, or artwork to evoke the warmth of a beach sunset.

When painting outside, make sure you use exterior paints and coatings specifically designed for coastal environments to resist fading, peeling, and corrosion.

Open-Air Ambiance – Embracing Outdoor Living

Break down barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces to create seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Opt for large, sliding glass doors that create a smooth transition from the living room to the deck or patio. Let the outdoors become an extension of your interior, especially if you are lucky enough to have water views.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with stylish decking. Whether it’s classic wooden planks or low-maintenance composite materials, a well-crafted deck enhances the overall aesthetic and comfort of your beach retreat.

Choose Materials Suitable for the Coast

Designing a coastal home requires careful consideration of building materials that can withstand the unique challenges posed by coastal environments—constant exposure to salt, high humidity, strong winds, and potential storm surges. The ideal materials should be durable, resistant to corrosion, and capable of maintaining their aesthetic appeal in harsh conditions. Stainless steel, concrete, hardwood, copper, and composite decking are all great choices that will withstand harsh conditions and still look great in the long term. 

Create Coastal Comfort with Relaxed Furnishings

Choose furnishings that prioritise comfort and relaxation. Think plush sofas, oversized chairs, and hammocks that invite you to unwind after a day spent in the sun and surf. Dress your beds and sofas in breezy linens. Opt for light, breathable fabrics in shades that complement your coastal palette, enhancing the laid-back charm of your beach retreat. 

Light and Airy – Illuminating Coastal Spaces

Let natural light flood in wherever possible with large windows, and sky lights. You should try to further maximise natural light by incorporating reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass tables, and metallic finishes, as these can amplify the luminosity in your beach house, creating an airy and open atmosphere. You can then illuminate your beach haven with strategic lighting. Choose fixtures that mimic the play of sunlight on the water, such as pendant lights with woven rattan or glass details.

Coastal Elegance, Beachside Dreams

Renovating your beach house is not just about transforming spaces; it’s about crafting an ode to coastal living. With a thoughtful blend of sea-inspired palettes, natural textures, and sustainable touches, your beach house can become a retreat where every day feels like a seaside holiday. So, ride the waves of creativity, and transform your beach house into a timeless sanctuary of seaside elegance.

Beach House Renovation – Mount Eliza and Beyond

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