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When you look into your backyard, what do you see? How does it make you feel? For many people considering renovating in Melbourne, their backyard garden is an under-utilized and wasted space. Even though it has the potential to add value to the home and family, that potential is wasted. 

 Your backyard doesn’t have to stay that way. Breathing new life into your old outdoor space is easier than you might think. You can bring the outside in and increase your time with nature. You can increase the functionality while making it look better and adding value to your home. How is that possible?

Ground Floor Home Extensions 

Home extensions are one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to increase the usability of your under-utilized backyard garden. A ground floor extension allows you to design and develop your backyard into a new and exciting space. 

How can you bring the outside in and spend more time with nature?

  • When you choose the right builder, the sky’s the limit! You can increase the amount of natural light you get to enjoy by installing lots of large windows doors. This means that no matter the weather, your outdoor space is ready for action!
  • A popular Melbourne home design trend is to add home extensions, particularly backyard home extensions, that include scissor trusses. An open design concept mixed with natural woods and the architectural appeal of a truss ceiling makes this a great choice for everyone.
  • Using exterior building materials such as bricks and paving stones inside your ground floor home extension is a powerful way to make an inside space feel like the outdoors. A good home extension builder will be able to take your ideas and transform them from a concept to a masterful, architectural creation. 
  • Innovative use of angles and curves can give a small space a larger than possible feel. You can use curved windows and sloped roofing to turn your home extension project into the most beautiful room in your home.

How Can I Make Sure to Bring the Outside In?

  1.  Use sliding or folding glass doors. Using these gives you the power to turn a wall into a portal to the outside. This can let the light and the fresh air in without the need for pesky screens and allows you to enjoy the world-renowned Melbourne weather.
  1.  Skylights, skylights and more skylights. Any home extension builder will tell you that the addition of skylights to a backyard home extension is a great idea, no matter the size of the space.
  1.  Install plants to give the feeling of the outdoors inside. This can be in potted plants or for the really ambitious, you can build planters right into your home extension. Melbourne home design enthusiasts know that plants and greenery invoke the feelings of being outdoors.
  1.  Choose materials that give the feeling of outside. Slate, rough wood and even siding can be used in a home extension to give off the feeling of the outdoors. You may be thinking, “That sounds crazy!” With the right home extension builder, you will be able to make sure your new backyard extension feels like the outdoors.

Amazing design ideas and concepts are available everywhere. What you need is someone to bring that vision to life. Duncan Thompson Extensions has the passion and expertise to turn your backyard into a new and exciting living space. 

For those considering doing renovations in Melbourne, Duncan Thompson Extensions is the builder you need to take your idea from a vision to reality. Reach out today.