If you’re a homeowner, there will come a time where you’ll want to renovate your kitchen – it is said to be the most trafficked room in the house, after all. If you feel it’s time to revamp your kitchen, we are going to give you the tips you need to nail it the first time!

Having a state-of-the-art, modern Melbourne kitchen will bring the rest of your house to life! There are so many options out there on how to make your kitchen sparkle. With these tips, you will get a great idea of what type of kitchen will suit your home best.

  • Look around a bit

It’s best to get a good idea of what you want before you undertake a kitchen extension with a renovations company. That’s why you should look through catalogues, visit shops and do some research online to get some great ideas about design and functionality.

  • Make Room

Plan your design by providing enough room in the area you want the extension to take place. If you’re keen on an open plan kitchen, then you’ll need to factor in whether you have enough space, or if there are any other areas of your property that you’ll have to sacrifice.

  • Natural light

Nothing brings your kitchen to life more than letting the light in, but from the outside. That’s why you should look to get your kitchen extension linked to large windows or potentially even a skylight above. It will create a beautiful and open atmosphere.

  • Let it flow

You need to think how the extension or renovation of your new kitchen will flow nicely and cohesively throughout the rest of the house. It’s best to have it connected to the home itself, especially since the kitchen is the most-used space in your home. You could also go dramatic and add colours like red to brighten up your kitchen to make it the number one place in the house.

With these awesome tips (and some planning), you can now get in contact with one of Melbourne’s best renovation companies, Duncan Thompson Extensions on (03) 9836 8566.

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