Melbourne is known for its eclectic variety of architecture. Whether you’re into vintage details or modern layouts, there are so many unique styles of homes to see. Below are seven of the most common styles of homes that you are sure to find in the neighbourhoods of Melbourne.

  • Victorian Era

Victorian houses were built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). These stunning homes, characterised by their wrought-iron verandas, ornamental facades and stained glass features, are iconic in the Melbourne area. Victorian home extensions are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Their elegant charm is what makes them so appealing, and these homes are highly sought after.

  • Edwardian Era

Edwardian homes were built when King Edward VII sat on the throne. These homes share some common features with Victorian homes but stand out because of their high, pointed roofs of either slate or corrugated iron.

  • Californian Bungalows

Californian bungalows came about due to the influence of American culture in Australia in the 1920s. The bungalows were simple and affordable, offering a one-storey, open-plan home that came complete with veranda, backyard and driveway. These bungalows enable a laidback lifestyle and are still exceptionally popular today for the same reason.

  • Art Deco Homes

Art Deco homes were popularised in the 1930s and ’40s. At the time, they were extraordinarily edgy and modern, and their designs are still very much appreciated. Architects aimed to create something completely fresh and new with their use of weatherboard walls, rounded edges, interesting geometric facades and the use of whites, creams and pastel finishes.

  • Post-War Homes

After the Second World War, there was a massive demand for houses throughout the country, as thousands of soldiers returned home. It was the beginning of the Baby Boom. What emerged from this era were the affordable post-war homes, which were single-storey and focused on function rather than aesthetic appeal.

  • Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern homes were built in the 1950s and ’60s. Their primary aim was to connect the dweller to the environment, with a focus on big, full-length windows and flat roofs. These homes saw the eradication of non-essential, fussy details and feature attractively sleek lines.

  • Contemporary

Melbourne features a lot of exciting modern architecture as well as it’s heritage homes. It’s impossible to define this style exactly as it incorporates and draws inspiration from a variety of different architectural styles from around the world. Sustainability and innovation are two key features that shine through in Australia’s finest contemporary homes.

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