Renovation regrets, unfortunately, happen all too often. People with big ideas end up with unattractive or even unnecessary additions to their homes because they did not think through their renovations. Here are some tips to help you avoid renovation regret.

  • Planning is everything

One of the most common renovation regrets is disliking the overall look of the renovation once it is complete. To avoid this situation, you need to plan effectively! Create a scrapbook with imagery of the type of thing you’d like to create so that everyone involved in the project knows which direction to steer in. The finishing touches play a significant role so don’t forget to include colour schemes and finishes. Don’t go for what is currently fashionable, but rather go for timeless classic fixtures and finishes that will last beyond the latest trends.

  • Take your time

When moving into a new home, homeowners often want to tear everything down and then build it up the way they like it. But this can often be costly and unnecessary. Why not take time to settle into your new home and begin to appreciate its unique features? Renovations take time and cost money, so it’s imperative to be certain about exactly what you hope to achieve and whether it can be done properly before you start making any permanent changes.

  • Prioritise

What is the outcome you want from your renovation? More space for your growing family? Better lighting for you to paint by? Whatever it may be, make sure that the renovations are centred around your priority for the space. Many home renovators get caught up with aesthetics and end up with a home extension that is not nearly as functional as they’d hoped for.

  • Call the Professionals

A home renovation is no small feat. If you are wanting to add an extension to your home, you will need to consult the professionals. They will be able to assist with council permits, sourcing materials and design. By involving a professional, you’ll have expert advice, and your result will be finished to a higher standard.

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