As satisfying as it is to see your dream house take shape, there are added responsibilities to building an extension. One such responsibility is to have regular inspections carried out by qualified expert building inspectors throughout stages of the building process. This works to a homeowner’s advantage as sit ensures that the building meets all required Australian quality standards and local regulations.

  • The critical role of stage construction inspections

The purpose of stage construction inspections is to protect the investment of homeowners in their extension. These comprehensive inspections cover essential aspects such as the utilisation of proper building techniques and ensuring that quality workmanship has been used throughout the building process.

The following various stages of the building process are carefully inspected to protect the interests of homeowners:

  • Slab

This is the first stage of focus once the concrete has been poured and slab allowed to set. A building inspector must ensure the accuracy of the dimensions and size of the slab according to submitted build plans, that plumbing is placed properly and that there are no cracks.

  • Wall and roof framing

This stage inspects the framing of the walls and roof. Once completed, the role of the inspection determines whether the roof frame, wall placement, windows and doors specifications have been adhered to and properly installed.

  • Lock-up stage

This stage is indicated once the roof has been installed and the brickwork is completed awaiting insulation and wall coverings. During this stage inspectors pay attention to the quality of the brickwork installation and whether the plumbing and electrical work are installed according to safety standards.

  • Pre-handover

This is the last stage of inspection marked by the completion of a significant part of the project. A comprehensive inspection is carried out on workmanship performed on ceilings, bathrooms and finished materials used and installed. All work will be checked according to the layout indicated on the plans.

The ultimate role of stage construction inspections is to ensure that all work has been carried out according to Australian standards and your satisfaction. Any potential defects can immediately be spotted and rectified. Homeowners can also avoid disputes or any time-consuming legal battles with their contractors.

Duncan Thompson Extensions arranges all building inspections for you when your home extension is being built. We have over 30 years’ experience building ground floor and second storey extensions in Melbourne. Contact us today to start your home extension.