When you’re building an extension, the last thing you need is a delay of any kind. The longer your building process takes, the more likely you are to be inconvenienced and could even cause you to go over budget. Knowing what often causes building delays can help you take steps to prevent or resolve them quickly. Here are 4 challenges that can delay your building process:

  • Adverse weather conditions

Nothing can put a spoke in the proverbial wheels of a building project quite like poor weather. Rain can make excavation activities a challenge, and blustering winds can make roofing a nightmare. While you can’t stop either from taking place, your building contractor can factor weather pattern forecasts into the schedule. Another proactive suggestion is to have indoor work ready for completion if exterior work can’t be carried out.

  • Poor communication

Poor communication between the main stakeholders of a construction project is another challenge that can keep a building process behind schedule. The best way to address this challenge is holding regular meetings or receiving regular updates so that corrective measures can be put in place to bring a project back on track.

  • Not tracking a build project properly

If the building process is not monitored closely, it can easily fall behind. The project’s progress should be monitored in real-time. Hiring an experienced builder with proven project management capabilities minimises the risk of inadequate building process tracking.

  • Not having a clear vision

If you don’t have a clear vision of your construction project, you run the risk of having to make punishing alterations to your plans. Having an in-house design consultant work together with you at the start of the project will help in providing clear direction for the building process. You should make all major design decisions before you start building so everyone has a firm idea of what the result will be.

Keep your building project on track by knowing in advance what the challenges are you might face and how to resolve them. Duncan Thompson Extensions have more than 30 years of invaluable experience in the residential building industry. Get in touch to start your home extension project today.