Choosing to renovate your home is a big life decision to make. The impacts can reach across your family’s living situation, as well as budgets and finances. In many cases, knowing when to renovate is likely to save you time, money and effort if chosen correctly! The thought of a renovated home can be exciting, but the process can introduce stress, so let us help you decide what time of the year will help to minimise this stress! Certain parts of the year can be easier to extend your home , based on the phases of your job. Weather, cost saving and more. Let’s take a look at them below!

Leave enough time to source materials at reasonable prices

At Duncan Thompson Extensions, one thing we take extremely seriously is our relationship with suppliers. Our relationships hold longevity and trust, with some partnerships stretching for over thirty years. Sourcing materials at reasonable prices can be difficult, however with Duncan Thompson Extensions you know that our relationships don’t ride the ebbs and flows of supply and demand. Our availability and costs stay reasonable all year round. For example, when renovating with us, each of our clients receive a free two hour consultation with the team at Reece Bathroom Life in Burwood. Our clients are prioritised and given dedicated time with expert designers and a wonderful team, ready to help you choose products for your renovation.

Contractor availability

Projects involve the use of many trades such as: scaffolding, concreting, carpentry , bricklaying, plumbing, electrical, plastering , tiling, and roof tiling. If you are wanting to work with specific contractors that you know and trust on your home renovation, then their availability will be a key factor. Researching, selecting and booking these contractors or tradespeople in advance will help you have a wider selection of timeframes for your renovation. As always, the more time spent planning, the easier your renovation will be! At Duncan Thompson Extensions, we work with a range of contractors who are the most skilled and experienced builders and tradespeople to bring out the best in your home. Our renovation builders have provided the most amazing renovation outcomes in Melbourne.


We always aim to be open and honest with our clients. We involve them in the entire process, ensuring they have a good understanding of the work they’ve commissioned. One step that often gets overlooked in the home renovation process, is the paperwork required for your local council. This is another factor that can add unwanted waiting time to your start date! Our top tip is: plan to hand in your paperwork during the colder months. This is when these offices are most likely quieter and can help speed up your processing. Duncan Thompson Extension, being Melbourne’s experts in home renovation, have worked with many local councils over the years and we are experts in helping you complete all necessary legal obligations.

Mother nature herself is also an important aspect to factor into your renovation or extension plans! Melbourne is a city that can experience all four seasons in one day, and can take a hit of inclement weather. Take a look below, as we round up the risks and opportunities of renovating in each season.

Autumn (March, April, May)

Risks: As a transitional season, Melbourne’s autumnal months can be a little bit unpredictable. Warmer days turn in heavy rain, which means digging or roofing jobs can be put on hold.
Opportunities: As the cooler weather sets in, renovation companies and contractors, builders and other tradespeople begin to slow down. This can be a great time to start conversations about your home renovation, allowing plenty of time before work begins in the warmer months.

Winter (June, July, August)

Risks: As winter arrives in Melbourne, so do freezing temperatures. The risks at this time of the year include frozen ground, which can impact foundation work, as well as rainy days – where your sites foreman may conclude that because of wet conditions no more work can be done on site, postponing deadlines.
Opportunities: Winter is definitely the quietest time in the renovation industry! These months can be far less busy for builders, with less other project work overlapping with your own. On dryer days as well these months can actually be much better for construction. Dry air can help with finishes, fixtures and diggin.

Spring (September, October, November)

Risks: As the weather improves throughout spring, this can be the busiest time for builders. Supply and demand may mean that when building, you pay more money for materials and time.
Opportunities: Sunnier days and mild temperatures can create much easier circumstances to complete digging, roofing or any kind of outdoor work.

Summer (December, January, February)

Risks: Summer can be a very popular time to renovate, however one of the riskiest. Sweltering temperatures can affect aspects of your renovation, especially in finishes, that need to ‘set’. Foreman will also be very cautious of their workers safety in the heat. Melbourne’s summer temperatures can soar, and on the days of thirty five degrees you can expect your work site to be called out.
Opportunities: Although it is roasting, summer is actually the best time for roofing projects! If your home renovations include a much needed upgrade to your roof, high temperatures are needed in order to seal new fittings.