home extension

Why get a home extension?

If you enjoy the area you live in but want more room, you can simply add an extension and not have to move. You can make specific changes and not just settle for something basic, and often, home extensions are more affordable than buying a larger home.

Always keep in mind that moving involves a great deal of effort and tons of expenses. After placing your house on the market and trying to look for a suitable alternative, you may also find that your new house will cost more.

Estimations in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has the second highest population in Australia and occupies a significant portion of the Port Phillip Bay coastlines. The key way to calculate an approximate cost for a home extension around Melbourne is to combine the financial requirements of design, demolition, materials, labor, and construction.

There are many other factors that influence cost, however, such as the condition and age of the house. Costs also extend to the soil and foundations. One way of approximating costs if you are planning to add a second story… the costs related to the home extension will be approximately 50 percent more than what is on the ground floor. This is due to the fact that a second story does not require any work for the foundation in addition to other expenses.

If you plan to add a second story to your home, average square meter expenses can start around $3000. Obviously, this is a very rough approximation, which can be impacted by many other factors. This is much more budget-friendly than making a larger extension to the ground floor, with less land necessary for the extension.

There are basic costs related to home extension ideas, but depending on the required work, it may cost more. Certain things like excavations or knocking down a wall may be an added expense to the home that may require small renovations. Options including prefabricated home extensions may be cheaper, but they limit your designs and materials and lack personalization. Still, others may include air conditioning and heating, any bathrooms or kitchens, and furnishings for the extension upon completion.

Levels of Cost Impact

The overall impact of home extension costs can be divided into three primary classifications, including high, medium, and low liabilities. Examples of high-cost impact include the home’s age, the need to match features that already exist, as well as the conditions of the foundations. Furthermore, other high costs include the content required for engineering and renovation. Often, plumbing may need to be repositioned as well as upper story floors. When combining home extensions and renovations in one job, expect to pay a premium.

When considering medium cost impact, several examples include the square meter size of the extension, the type of materials chosen to create it, revisions to the original design after initial construction, and block access.

Finally, low-cost impact examples include things like permits and other documentation needed to meet council regulations, the house’s style, the number of exterior doors and windows, and whether you plan to stay inside while the extension is being built.

Coordinating and getting started

Fortunately, for prospective Melbourne clients, there are some companies, such as Duncan Thompson Home Extensions, that offer free, no-obligation consultations to discuss your home extension ideas. At the time of the meeting a brief will be developed that includes budget considerations and the expected service to deliver your home transformation.

After the necessary information has been gathered by the building contact, most of the known costs are directly included in the price. Of course, if you desire a revision to the plan after a building has commenced, the price may be re-quoted. Yet, this will only occur when you are informed ahead of time. We’ve learnt over many years that clear communication between all parties ensures a much smoother process, without any surprises along the way.

Reach out today and have a no-obligation discussion with a designer at Duncan Thompson Extensions