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If you are installing a swimming pool as part of your home renovation plans, the idea of spending even more hard-earned money for a pool house might seem frivolous. However, what most people don’t take into account is that a well-built pool house is a valuable addition to any home, providing an extra space that can be used for almost anything. At Duncan Thompson Extensions, we are Melbourne’s premier home extension builder specialising in high quality, upscale renovations across Melbourne’s best suburbs. Whether you opt for complex structure with facilities and space for multiple uses to a simple cabana in which to change your clothes, a pool house isn’t just part of the pool, it’s an added feature to your home that offers numerous benefits.


A pool house functions as a convenient place for friends and family to change into and out of their swimwear before enjoying a day by the pool. Keep your home neat, tidy and free from wet footprints as guests won’t have to trek through your recently cleaned house to change. They can simply change and store their clothes inside and pop in for a quick minute when they’ve had enough time in the water. A pool house is also great for families with kids as you can make sure the youngsters have plenty of towels, snacks and dry clothes on hand, so no one will be running in and out of the house all day long in a wet bathing suit. Depending on the size of the pool house you have in mind, the addition of a bathroom is an added bonus. Whether it’s a tiny half bathroom with a toilet and basin or a larger space that incorporates a shower, bathroom facilities really up the convenience factor and allow you and your guests to swim and relax all day long without entering your home.

Additional Storage

When it comes to swimming pools, there are many things that go along with them such as goggles, snorkels, pool toys, towels, and plenty of cleaning and maintenance supplies. A pool house is the ideal place to store these items, and it can be the perfect place to house pumps, filters, and other essential pool equipment. Larger pool houses can also be a fantastic space to store your garden and patio furniture and accessories during winter, keeping them protected from wind, rain and dirt until you are ready to use them again in the warmer months.

Use it as a Home Gym or Office

If space allows, there’s no reason you can’t get the most for your money and give the building more than one purpose by setting up a home gym or office space right inside your pool house. Not only will you save space inside your home, you won’t disturb anyone while you’re working out or if working from home, you won’t be disturbed by the rest of the family. This is a great way to enjoy the pool house all year-round, a major plus if you’re concerned about the space sitting empty during the cold winter months.

Create Guest Accommodation

If your budget and space allows, incorporating a bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette into the pool house gives you a very attractive option for overnight guests. If you have family or friends that regularly stay over, your visitors can stay in beautiful, luxurious surroundings right by the pool, and you get to keep your privacy in your own home.

No longer just for the rich and famous, pool houses can be custom designed to suit the style of your home and the shape of your backyard. Depending on your budget, you have a lot of flexibility to design a building that fits your needs. If you’d like to speak with an experienced home extension builder in Melbourne, contact Duncan Thompson Extension today for more information about building a custom pool house tailored to meet your needs and your budget. Call us on (03) 9836 8655 or get in touch with us online now.