Melbourne's Home Renovation Design Trends

It is now easier than ever to stay in the home you are in, and transform this into your forever home! Unlike other companies, Duncan Thompson Extensions focus solely on house renovations and extensions. It is this focus that has led to us becoming one of Melbourne’s leading builders.

Renovations allow for an update to your home that will bring your vision to life, and at Duncan Thompson Extensions we specialise in all types of renovations. A good quality renovation should compliment the best existing aspects of your home, and it takes a builder with a combination of high quality skills, knowledge and experience in order to achieve a quality extension, that incorporates home design trends in a smart way.

Trends ebb and flow year by year, that’s why, more than ever, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse. To make your home feel like a space you can relax and rejuvenate in, it needs to be an extension of yourself, reflecting your style and tastes. That is why we keep our eyes firmly on the home renovation design trends that appear every year, to make sure we can effectively and efficiently execute these trends in your next project.

If you are on the hunt for popular home renovation design trends,then look no further! Here is all of the inspiration you need. Take a look below at the top four design trends we have seen throughout 2019. At Duncan Thompson Extensions, we know exactly how to customise to suit your home.

Sustainable materials

As consumers become consistently more aware of the logistics of fast fashion, designers are given the opportunity to be more creative. It is this growing concern for sustainability, and becoming more ‘green’, that consumers are increasingly aware of when choosing furnishings for their homes. Consumers are no longer searching for mass-produced items. Instead, sustainable and ethically designed and created pieces are quickly gaining popularity.

The Duncan Thompson Extensions team have been trained specifically in this area, so that our builds are becoming increasingly ‘green’. Our team trained in the GreenSmart program, run by the Housing Industry Association , to help get our ‘green credentials’. HIA GreenSmart is a program offering up-to-date information on practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction. As one of Australia’s first professional green building initiatives, the program offers a HIA accredited training course for builders and designers wanting to develop new skills and acquire green credentials, and get access to news and opportunities to help promote your services in the marketplace.

It is also in the design and furnishing of a home that consumers are taking a more thoughtful approach to purchases. This spans across many different time periods and styles. When adopting a more modern style, homes are including luxury, investment pieces that will stand the test of time. Such as custom made furniture for your space. Or, if following a more bohemian trend, natural fabrics, textiles and recycled goods that offer unique character.

Calm colour palettes

Whilst our worlds become busier and busier, one of the greatest things we can do is make our home a sanctuary. Many homeowners are now looking into adding a sense of calm into home designs, that previously were decorated with old world trims and details. Heavy colours, prints and fabrics are on the way out.

Introducing calming colour palettes – a trend we will see more of, especially when it comes to painting larger areas. Adding a sense of openness, tranquility and warmth. Although brightly coloured feature walls can be beautiful; hygge, calm and serenity are becoming more important when bringing in a sense of cohesion to a home renovation.

One of the bigger trend forecasters to keep your eye on is Dulux Australia, who each year report on the trends they see appearing more and more in residential building. In their Dulux’s Colour Forecast for 2019, there was a main focus on calmness and serenity. Filtering out the noise, to focus on what matters – creating your happy place. A thought we see appearing quite often when families are renovating their home, looking to create their forever happy place. Dulux’s 2019 trends included organic =colours, such as neutral tones of brown and green, to repair our relationship with nature, and muted neutrals, closer to oranges, yellows and reds, to restore wellness.

Statement vanities

Many people head to their bathroom vanity at the very beginning of their day. It is important that these areas of your home, such as bathrooms, powder rooms or half-baths, are not left to the last minute. Beautify your bathroom with renovation design trends that add a touch of glamour.

A vanity is the area of your bathroom that draws the most attention. It will determine it’s general appearance at first glance. Also consider offering additional storage & countertop space to help organise loose items. Statement vanities are another trend taking the industry by storm.

A statement vanity is one that skimps the classic neutral whites and ivories, adding in a pop of colour, impressive technology or an eye-catching design. It’s time to make your vanity a feature. Instead of a simple storage space, create a modern design with backlit mirrors, coloured basins and textured tiling. Gone are the days of leaving the bathroom as the last priority in your home.

Bold walls

Although calmer colour palettes are the way to go, don’t underestimate your ability to add intricacy and style. Style doesn’t necessarily mean large pieces, it can also mean the trends you follow in a more intricate way. It’s all about textures, patterns, wallpaper and wall dressings in 2019. We are seeing more and more feature walls being constructed out of these different kinds of eye-catching details.

Take your home renovation design to the next level with an injection of personality into your walls. Don’t limit this to simply changing the colour but also consider the accessories you include. Think of window furnishings: layered drapes, or refreshed shades – a brilliant way to add boldness to a minimalistic room. Other styles such as baroque are a great way to incorporate a bolder trend into your home, without large commitments.

Stay tuned in early 2020 for our take on the home renovation design trends we will see for the upcoming 2020!