master suite

A master bedroom should be a haven that promotes a good night’s rest however, it should also reflect your personal style and include all the little details that make it aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. Calming colours, comfortable bedding, layered lighting, and carefully thought-out accessories that make the space warm, peaceful, and inviting are just some of the essentials elements of a luxurious master suite. If you want to upgrade your bedroom as part of your house renovation, Box Hill, Beaumaris, Aspendale, and Armadale homeowners can trust Duncan Thompson Extensions to create a show-stopping result every time. If you aren’t sure where to start with your bedroom design, read on for a few helpful hints.

Take the Time to Plan Your Space

When planning a house renovation, it’s easy to focus on the design of the living spaces as that’s where we spend the most time entertaining guests and relaxing with family and friends. However, planning the size and use of space in a master bedroom is absolutely vital to ensure your master suite complements your overall house design. The master bedroom must be big enough for your needs, but with walk-in wardrobes and an ensuite bathroom, it can start to take up a lot of space in the overall floor plan of the house. Be careful when determining the size of your master suite, you don’t want it so big that you sacrifice space in your other living spaces, but you don’t want it too small where style and functionality are compromised. Think about your must-haves – A king size bed? A sitting area? A dressing space? Two basins? A bath? An experienced home builder or interior designer can help with spatial planning and size requirements so that you make the most of your new master suite without creating any dead zones.

Determine Your Style

For a luxurious look, it’s important to create a harmonious space, whereby every element complements one another, from the wall colour to the window treatments, to the floor coverings, and ensuite fixtures. To create cohesion, you need to establish a foundation palette on upon which you can build. Whether you prefer a classic monochromatic concept, romantic pastel hues or a moody and sophisticated aesthetic, define your palette and then tailor your design and decoration accordingly with complementary textures and tones throughout the while room.

Add Grandeur and Glamour

To really make your bedroom look and feel expensive, incorporate a stately feature, such as grand double doors, or a statement chandelier and style your space with decorative cushions and soft throws in upscale materials such as metallics, leather, faux fur, velvet, or silk. Classic and neutral colours combined with tactile textures creates interest and achieves an individual look and allows you the flexibility to update your style as the seasons change. A beautiful textured rug under the bed and custom sheer drapes will add warmth and softness, ensuring your bedroom feels like a secluded sanctuary where you can indulge in a little self-care and really relax.

Carefully Consider Your Wardrobe

The design of a robe is often an afterthought, and sometimes the cabinetry doesn’t make the best use of the space. A spacious, functional, well-considered walk-in wardrobe with varied storage that allows for optimal organisation will enhance your lifestyle and add incredible value to your home. Think about the type of clothes, shoes, and accessories you have and how they need to be stored. If you intend to dress in the wardrobe, ensure you include full-length mirrors and an ottoman. A combination of single and double hanging zones, drawers, and shelving, as well as space to store jewellery and accessories is essential. To really make the robe luxurious, select high-end cabinetry finishes and hardware, and appropriate lighting for your dressing needs.

Create Ambience with the Right Lighting

Good lighting is essential for the creating a warm and welcoming ambience in your bedroom. Lighting should be layered so that you can dim it down to set the mood or brighten it up for any practical tasks. LED downlights are great for making a space bright and airy, LED strip lighting is perfect for robes and under the bathroom vanity, while a statement pendant or chandelier can dapple light across the walls for a soft, cosy, and romantic feel. Don’t be afraid to pay around with bedside lighting, while matching lamps can beautifully frame your bed, using hanging pendants or wall scones instead can add sophistication, drama, and elegance to the space. Lighting is also vital in your ensuite. Incorporate as much natural light as you can through large windows or skylights, and ensure you utilise appropriate lighting above the vanity to allow for important tasks such as applying make-up, styling hair, and shaving. Vanity lighting should be soft and flattering and not leave any shadows.

When designing your new master suite, it’s important that you have a cohesive look throughout every zone as this will optimise feeling of grandeur and luxury, ensuring you achieve excellent return on your investment!

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