If you think starting your morning shower from the warmth of your bed or having the perfect bath ready the minute you walk through the door is a thing of the future, think again. With the latest innovative, smart bathroom technology, it’s easy (and even more affordable) than you’d imagine. With the rise of smart home technology and devices such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod, it’s so simple to fully customise and personalise your experience in every room of the house – including the bathroom. At Duncan Thompson Extensions, we have been the premier home renovation builder in Melbourne for over 30 years, and nothing excites us more than innovative home ideas that enhance our lifestyle and that of our clients. Here are some ways you can add trendy smart home technology to one of the most-used rooms in your home, the bathroom.

Digital Showers

An easy way to bring modern technology to your bathroom, digital showering systems give users the ability to create customized shower settings for each member of the household. You can set water pressure, steam, and lighting preferences through voice commands, and even start the shower so it’s nice and warm even before you step into the bathroom.

High-Tech Toilets

There are several new models that are revolutionizing the all-important bathroom throne. Here are just a few of the new toilet features you might find on the market:

  • Toilets that don’t require hands or paper. These toilets have temperature-controlled water, spritzing wands and automatic dryers (already in use and common in Asia)
  • Toilet seat warmers and LED lights
  • Self-cleaning toilets and antimicrobial seats
  • Motion sensors to raise and lower toilet lids

Smart Taps

Smart taps are another revolutionary bathroom system that allow you to fully customise every aspect of your bathroom experience, from the duration of your shower to the depth of your bath. Integrating with a wide range of smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod, you can even use voice activation or control remotely. Not only technologically savvy, digital taps and outlets are a great way to conserve water and energy with controlled water flow and digital temperature-control settings. Many have in-built infrared tap technology that “reads” the user and turns off when it senses that hands are not under the outlet. There are even programmable features, such as a teeth-brushing option that runs for an allotted time frame.

Other Hot Bathroom Gadgets

A high-tech bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a few nifty gadgets. A few fun products that add another level of technology include:

  • Refrigerated bathroom cabinets that can keep medicines cool
  • LCD shower panels that let you control water temperature, flow, steam, music and chromotherapy.
  • Voice controlled mirrors that can give you optimal lighting, music, and weather updates as you go about your morning routine. Some even include a motion-sensing night light to make a night time bathroom trip less disruptive.
  • LED mirrors with in-built demisters – say goodbye to foggy mirrors after you shower.
  • Temperature indicating LED shower heads which change from blue to purple to red to indicate when your water temperature is just right.

If you are looking for a home renovation builder that is excited by innovation and technology to build a modern home extension for your family, then get in touch with the team at Duncan Thompson Extensions today. Not only are we passionate about quality workmanship and design, we love including extra details and design features that make a home comfortable, convenient and stand out from the crowd. Give us a call today on (03) 9836 8655 to discuss your home extension ideas and find out how we can transform your home into a functional, modern masterpiece.