Eco-Friendly house

With the global focus of sustainability at the forefront of every industry, including construction, it’s no surprise that new home designs are incorporating greener materials, features, and building processes to improve energy efficiency and minimise their carbon footprint. If you are planning home renovations, Melbourne’s Duncan Thompson Extensions can help you with innovative home designs which promote affordable and durable environmental solutions. There are lots of different ways to help make your home more environmentally friendly, read on to discover just a few of them.

Install Solar Panels

For any home that is serious about sustainability, installation of a clean, renewable power source such as solar is an essential feature. Solar panels are a long-term investment, and although there will be a considerable initial outlay, they will significantly reduce your reliance on the grid. This will decrease your emissions, saving you money in the long run and making your home much greener, and healthier for the planet. Many homeowners even find that their solar installations make enough electricity for them to go completely off grid!

Invest In Proper Insulation

A well-insulated home is an energy-efficient home. With the addition of high-quality insulation in the ceiling, walls, and under floors, your home will stay an even temperature all year round. This means it’ll take less energy to heat or cool your living space when you really need to. Insulation can also extend to the floor and window coverings, as well as the type of glass you choose for your windows – double glazing is an excellent way to minimise heat loss through your windows.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

Think about the specific purpose of lighting in each room. Many rooms need two types of lighting and each needs different lights and fittings. For example, you may use a downlights as general lighting and all over illumination, but you may also want add task lighting to illuminate certain areas or accent lighting for decorative or dramatic effects. Good lighting design will strike the right balance between meeting your family’s lighting needs, aesthetics, and maximizing energy efficiency. LED light fixtures and globes are one of the best choices you can make. Much more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs also have an extremely long lifespan, so you won’t need to replace them very often.

Consider the Placement Of Windows

You may not believe it, but the placement of your windows can make a great deal of difference to the energy efficiency of your home. It’s vital to identify the most strategic window positions that will take full advantage of sunlight and natural breezes, to reduce your need for artificial lighting and reliance on gas or electric heating and cooling systems.

Add Skylights

Skylights are a wonderful way to introduce natural light into your home. Installing the correct product type will also steer you toward an incredibly energy efficient home. Skylights with a low UV factor protect against excessive heat gain whilst allowing natural light to flood into your interior, minimising the need for lights during the day. Skylights that open as a window also allow breeze to flow through, cooling your home down and improving ventilation. 

Favour Sustainable Materials

For a sustainable building renovation or house extension, Melbourne homeowners should try to choose sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable materials over brand new wherever possible. This is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your construction so look for

recycled lumber, plastic, and glass and biodegradable materials that have been produced with reduced energy costs and pollution.

Select Energy-Efficient appliances

When shopping for appliances such as fridges, ovens, and washing machines, don’t focus on the most stylish looking options. Make sure you check the energy star rating – appliances with the lowest annual energy consumption will typically have the highest star rating and thus be the most energy efficient. While they might be more expensive to purchase initially, they will save you a lot of money in the long run and be much kinder to the environment.

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