Need more space, or maybe a better use of the space you currently have? If you have a home, there is no good reason to settle for space that doesn’t meet your family’s needs perfectly. Australians aren’t ones to put up with a less than perfect living space. Research shows that most of us would rather fork out on the cost of a home extension or renovation than take a holiday. Building extensions and renovations in Melbourne are very popular, with areas such as Point Nepean, Albert Park, Brighton, Richmond, Toorak, Hawthorn and Malvern (Glen Iris) experiencing a higher than normal demand for residential home refurbishments.

If you are thinking of joining the club by adding a double-story house extension or just expanding a room or two, here are some things to keep in mind before you start contacting renovation companies in Melbourne:

  1. Size

This is the most obvious factor to consider. Are you unhappy with the size of the space, or is it just how the space is laid out? Renovating your existing space to extend or split it is a great way to create more rooms (or bigger rooms) without having to move or pay stamp duties.

  1. Connection to adjacent rooms

You might want to combine two rooms into one. This could involve knocking down a single wall, or much more work if you are expanding a room outwards. It is an option often favoured when two apartments are combined into a single one when they are next to each other.

  1. Sunlight

Most Australians thrive on sunlight and are used to it in abundance in their homes. You may want to check if your proposed renovations result in your windows facing away from a natural light source. Natural lighting has many benefits and daylight has been proven to increase productivity and comfort in those exposed to it.

  1. Workflow

You may think workflow is something that is best used in office buildings, but it applies in the home as well. Your home needs to have a logical workflow that doesn’t have you backtracking in your day to day activities and leaves entry and exit points clear.

  1. Style

If you are planning to design your new space in a style that is a rapid departure from the rest of your home, consider how you can create a united flow from one area to another using other

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