When renovating or extending your heritage home it can be important to sync your new spaces, with the existing. These timeless designs and character filled features are often too beautiful to completely modernise, that’s why we specialise in updating these amazing properties. There are many heritage homes across the suburbs of Melbourne, from inner-city townhouses to larger properties, that we have helped to recreate and bring new life to. As we create designs for these homes, we always keep in mind one important thing… colour!This decade may have been the one of millennial pinks, however this may not match your period home. Take time to research your home and suburb, to learn more about what was originally created on your property, and how you can revive this look.

To help you narrow down from a rainbow of options, we bring you our top 5 colour schemes to consider, that will work perfectly for your heritage home!

1. White and grey

We are starting off with our safest option, neutral whites and greys! If your home is of the Federation Heritage (Queen Anne), then this choice is for you. Different shades of white and grey can bring an openness, cleanliness and sense of open space to a home. Especially if you live in warmer climates, this can often be the best option. Being the safest option on the colour wheel, this is one you can be sure will complement your existing and new designs. Also, your local council and/or neighbours will definitely be on board. Shades of white and grey can bring out a lot in a home, and although they sound restricted, there are so many options! Don’t forget to think about the range of different undertones you can apply to these shades. If you are planning to stay loyal to the original design of your home, whites and greys can help you draw attention to elegant features with simple, neutral touches.

2. Burgundy

Burgundy is a deep, rich, red shade, inspired by the wine from the Burgundy region of France. Showcasing a rich selection of reds of this deeper variation, alongside some beautiful natural cream colours, can bring a beautiful rustic feel to a home. This colour selection is a very authentic representation of the Australian landscape, which makes this option a very popular choice for those renovating Edwardian style heritage homes, a popular style found throughout Melbourne’s suburbs. Colours that evoke very natural images also work well alongside more modern upgrades. Burgundy’s and reds sit beautifully alongside browns and coppers, also matching well with many metals. This means that more modern additions, appliances, or extensions, blend well into your homes design.

3. Navy blue

Blue is one of the most popular choices when it comes to home renovation and design. However, it is important to think of the tones of the blues you choose, especially when adding them to a heritage home. Too bold and you will instead find a more modern feel, that may clash with periodical features. Too light and you risk the colour fading into a neutral, leaving no impact. Our favourite is a shade in the navy blue range. This can bring a striking pop of colour, especially to an exterior, without being too dark. It is important to consider your materials as well, if your heritage home features red brick exterior facades or red roofing, this may clash with a selection of blues. Blues are a very popular choice especially for Victorian terrace style homes.

4. Black and dark grey

Classic heritage colours have found their way back into the colour schemes of today in blacks and dark greys. These classic options truly will never go out of style. It may seem daring, however darker options can bring attention to all the right places, adding an element of sophistication and depth. These variations are a great choice to draw the eye to period features such as fittings and fixtures, if you don’t want to delve too boldly into the colour wheel. Matching darker tones with a selection of dark greys, and even taupes, are now a very popular choice to help seamlessly blend the old and new elements of your heritage home renovation or extension. Used sparingly this selection can be the classiest of options. A very popular choice of colour scheme when we are renovating Victorian style heritage homes.

5. Green

Going green can be easier than you think! It may feel like a bold choice but you’ll find that it often blends beautifully with your garden area and neighbouring properties, if used correctly. Don’t leap headfirst into a green colour palette if it doesn’t suit your property completely. Green is usually chosen for, and works best with, Californian bungalow homes. The richness of large front yard areas work beautifully through deep Brunswick greens added to fittings and fixtures.

Remember, if you are renovating or extending a heritage home, it is always important to check your designs and floor plans with your local council. Before embarking on a sometimes costly journey, they will have information for you in regards to heritage overlays and refurbishing of the building, including all important house colours. Need a helping hand choosing the best colour pallette for your heritage home? With over thirty five years experience in Melbourne’s Bayside and Eastern area, we specialise in heritage home renovations and extensions.