Popular in the early 1900’s, the California Bungalow is a much-loved home style of Melbourne. Known for their single storey’s, set back frontage and gable roofing, original California Bungalows are a hot commodity in the property market. Although they are sought after, their design makes them quite small, especially as a family home. Adding an extension to your home can improve its value and liveability.

Whether you want a pavilion-style extension for an outdoor entertainment area or a home office upstairs, here are three expert home renovation tips to consider when renovating your dream California-inspired bungalow:

  1. Ensure the final look of your home will be cohesive

If you have a California-style home, it’s essential to ensure that the extension or renovation blends in with the rest of the house design. Authentic and popular design elements of a California bungalow include a gable-style roof and deep attics, as well as a deep veranda. Experienced renovators will know precisely how to ensure cohesion between the original home and the extension so that your renovations add value to your home, rather than devalue it.

  1. Let your extension tell a design narrative

If you want to avoid the risk of desecrating the design authenticity of your California bungalow by adding an extension, let your renovation tell a story of old and new. You can pay homage to your home’s history and bring in a touch of modernity to enhance your current lifestyle needs. As long as you keep the frontage the same, you can make the back extension as contemporary as you like.

  1. Create more space effectively with a rear extension

Rear extensions are a popular way to add more space to a California-style bungalow. You can easily add a dining or larger kitchen area that offers convenient and easy access to a deck. Upper storeys are perfect for additional bedrooms or a bathroom. The deep gables provide the ideal space in which to create attic storage. If you want to create an alfresco-style atmosphere indoors, consider integrating a gas strut window into an interior/exterior space.

If you’re considering a home renovation and need expert advice on how to retain the strong architectural appeal of your California bungalow, give the experienced consultants at Duncan Thompson Extensions a call today.