With growing kids and the need for an area to both rehearse and store their musical instruments, this Mont Albert family decided it was time to upsize their home. We are adding a second storey to the existing single storey brick dwelling, which will comprise of a new master bedroom with a built-in robe, an additional bathroom and of course, the music room. To ensure that the music room is relatively soundproof, it will be fitted with accoustic insulation within the internal walls and between the floor joists as well as a double skin of plaster on the walls and ceiling, complete with a solid door. We can’t wait to see this design come together, with the existing roof already off and the sub floor laid its well on its way.

Here are some pictures so far, as you can see we’re prepared for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Watch this space to continue to see it develop.

mont-albert-roof-01-1600x1027mont-albert-roof-02-1600x1027 mont-albert-roof-03-1600x1027 mont-albert-roof-04-1600x1027

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