Depending on where you live in Melbourne, there could be dozens of renovations specialists in your area, and from some of the stories we’ve heard over the years of unfinished or poorly completed jobs, it’s become increasingly important to ensure you choose a trusted, credible extension company. If not, and you could be left with some of these mistakes:

  • Foundations

One of the worst things to happen on your project would be if the foundations weren’t installed accurately. This could lead for the entire project to be started again, in order to lay them in the right position to ensure the safety of your property or extension.

  • Encroachment

Encroachment occurs when you build on to your neighbour’s property. This type of encroachment is not necessarily going over the boundary line physically, but instead refers to things such pipes, capping and gutters. Usually, when this occurs, it’s not intentionally done. However, not only could this leave you with an unhappy neighbour, but it could also mean a hefty bill and a possible reason for your neighbour to seek legal advice.

  • Ventilation

The side or backend section of the extension to an older property with a ventilated sub flooring absolutely needs the same ventilation to continue from the older building to the new subfloor extension. It is easy and inexpensive to do, but still, builders seem to miss out on this important bit of information, resulting in a dry rot over only a few years later.

  • Flooring

A common mistake in floors is when the builder does not drop the height of the ground to allow the flooring to sit flush with rest of your house. If the level is not equal, you could find that your floor is a few centimetres, or more, above the rest of the ground. Also, if you have floorboards and the builder doesn’t allow enough room in between the panels, you could experience the floor lifting in extreme weather conditions when they get pushed into each other.

As you can see, extensions and renovations require expert skills and knowledge, which is why you need to call on the services of a highly-experienced and trusted company.

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