There is something unspoken about the picturesque beauty of a Victorian house that people simply love to admire. Generations have lived in these houses, and each one has a unique story and history.

What’s even more attractive about period homes besides their decorative designs and signature artwork, is that they are built to last, having been laid on strong foundations with excellent insulation. Surprisingly, they are a modern home-seekers’ dream home.

Still, even though a home was built during the Edwardian period or the Victorian, there are particular features that a Federation home has to have for a buyer to be really interested.

Here are some of the main features a federation house must have to grab a buyer’s attention:

  • The façade

This is arguably the most important feature of the house since it immediately tells the viewer what period it falls in. The intricate details of the façade such as a mid-Victorian iron lace will certainly be the lasting impression you make on a buyer. If the façade needs restoration, it’s the part of the Federation home that you should consult with a professional renovator to have done before you put it on the market.

  • The inside

When we consider the interior of the home, buyers look at the hardwood floors, high, decorative ceilings and stained-glass or beautifully-designed windows. These features are particular to the period in which they were built, and they will be inspected accordingly.

  • The Space

Back in the old period, space mattered. There was no such thing as pokey apartment complexes. Indeed, the vastness of the hall and the space it shows is what you buyers looking for when seeking out the perfect Federation home. The bigger the lounge or bedroom space, the closer you are to the real and loved period home.

  • The Verandah

Today, the verandah is not as important as it was once upon a time. Still, people do pay attention to it and will look for columns, fretwork and balustrades made of wood. The verandah should also be spacious and possess intricately-decorative walls.

  • The fireplace

Modern homes today in Australia still have that special focal point that’s always a big selling point. The fireplace is important today, but in a Federation house, the fireplace played a far more important role than merely for focal recognition. It was constructed with elaborate displays of the hearth and the stand, drawing immediate attention to the room.

Now that you know what aspects of a Federation house are the most appealing, consider renovating these if you are looking to put your heritage home on the market. The most important thing is that you find an expert in Period extensions in Melbourne, such as Duncan Thompson Extensions. Get in touch with us today!


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