Building Trends

Three Building Trends in 2021– Part 1

The most current building and interior design trends always reflect the influence of the outside world. Global events, technological advancements and popular culture all play a part in shaping the newest home renovations and build designs. 2021 is no different in that sense. The way people have adapted to post-pandemic living is noticeable in these popular styles.

From the aesthetics to the functionality and the prominent features of these trends, you can get a sense of this influence.  For those involved in Melbourne home design, these 3 design styles are some of the most popular to look out for.

  1.     Multi-Purpose and Open Spaces for Dynamic Living

The use of interior space in homes has radically shifted over the years. These shifts are reflective of the home life culture of the times. For the average family, the use of their in-home space has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2020. An open concept, easily adjustable space is an ideal layout for maximum versatility.

Keeping that idea in mind, using screens or decorative partitions is a good way to increase a level of privacy. They create the illusion of multiple spaces without compromising the openness of the room. This type of room reorientation is easily changed and can be removed altogether if necessary. By using a consistent decorative theme throughout the space, you can ensure a feeling of wholeness, regardless of the layout.

Kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces are great spaces to integrate in this way. For those looking to increase the versatility of their square footage, turning your separate rooms into an open, multi-purpose space, may be the change needed.

  1.     Maximizing the Outdoor Space Year-round 

The outdoor living space is an integral part of daily living, for those who use their spaces. By leveraging the outdoor areas of your home, you are essentially extending your square footage, which allows you to live more life in your home. The trend of utilizing this space year-round has been gaining popularity for years and it is more evident than ever in 2021.

This can be done in a multitude of ways. You can design your home in such a way that it invites the outdoor space into your home. Glass sliding walls that can be moved are a great way to blur the lines between the interior of your home and the outdoor space.

There are specific materials that have been developed for the outdoor spaces of your home, including non-slip materials for the flooring,  exterior heating lamps for the colder nights, and weather-resistant furniture. Using these will increase the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor sanctuary as well as increase the level of enjoyment you get from your outdoor space. This has been a particularly popular option since people have been spending time at home and have not been traveling. Instead, they have been building a little slice of paradise in their own backyards. 

  1.     Open Studios in the Home Central Space

The creative type person requires a space that encourages the creative juices to flow. This can be difficult in a small, sectioned-off area of the home. The transformation of the home central space into a studio is becoming more and more common in renovations done in Melbourne

Leveraging the open floor plan of many homes, people have turned the center of their homes into workshops, studios or creative spaces. This is a great option for those who are writers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts and many more. The bonus of this type of layout is that it puts on display the heart and soul of those living in the home, something a decorative choice can rarely do.

Whether you are looking to do a simple home renovation or are looking for a home extension builder to add to your existing home, there are plenty of options and trends to choose from to upgrade your home in 2021.