Three Building Trends in 2021 – Part 3

The newest design trends in 2021 are all about maximizing efficiency in every way possible. From how your home uses energy to the way that you operate within it, improving these systems and their functionality has become a top priority for many people doing home renovations in Melbourne.

Often, those who are looking to renovate their homes think that there is a trade-off when it comes to functionality. They believe they must sacrifice design and great aesthetics to allow for practicality. This isn’t the case at all. When done right, you can decorate and design a home that is beautiful as well as functional.

In this instalment of “Building Trends in 2021”, we discuss home designs in Melbourne that improve efficiency and look great. 

Design an Automated Home

 The idea of a smart home has been with us for decades. Having remote control of all aspects of your home and appliances that adapt to the way you live your life is no longer a science fiction concept. We are living in the age of the smart home.

The pace at which the technology for smart homes is improving is phenomenal. The implication of these technologies for home design is vast. How you currently use technology to enhance your life can now be worked into the very fabric of your home. From entertainment to energy consumption, you can control everything.

By implementing smart home and automation features you can increase the security and safety of your home through interconnected cameras and alarms while decreasing its energy footprint through automated regulation of the HVAC systems. These systems are adaptable so they can easily be changed to your preferences. They also make great homes for entertaining with built in stereos, audio and music can be played throughout the entire house or specific rooms.

The Work-from-Home Balancing Act

Working from home and the necessity of a home office have never been a more pressing issue in the world of home design and renovations[TG1] . The pandemic forced many people to work from home in 2020 and 2021. At one point, 32% of working Australians were working from home! This drastic shift in the way people worked made a home office a critical part of their home design.

Many Australians are choosing to renovate their home to accommodate this new trend. When it comes to creating a new office space, hiring a home extensions builder is a popular option for those doing these types of renovations in Melbourne and in other parts of Australia.


A dedicated space for work can create that much-needed separation between home life and work life. It can keep your work tasks from intruding upon your home life and will keep your home life (and children!) from intruding into your work life. 

Eco-Efficiency and the Green Home 

Environmental impact is an ever-present thought and concern in the minds of many Australians. Creating systems in your home that improve your eco-friendliness have become a dominant trend in 2021 and is likely to stay for years to come. 

 How would you create a more eco-friendly home? Using recycled and reused materials for furnishings is one way many Australians are reducing their eco-footprint. These can often be sourced locally in your area. Another way is to regulate your energy consumption through automated systems that maximise the use of heating and cooling systems. Grey-water systems are also popular to reduce water usage.

2021 has shifted the way many people utilize their homes. These trends reflect how you can take your home and elevate it with a renovation or home extension, to match the changing needs of you and your family.