Three Building Trends in 2021 – Part 2

With so many people spending more time in their homes during 2020 and 2021, it’s provided a greater opportunity to contemplate home improvements and a desire to reinvigorate their homes. A new look for a familiar setting is sometimes all it takes. 

This may mean looking into a home extension builder to expand your current space. Home extensions can give you the feel of a brand-new home without moving. If you are simply looking to update the atmosphere in your home but aren’t interested in such a large project, you could hire a builder and do some strategic renovations. 

Here is a continuation from our ‘Three design trends in 2021, Part 1’, with another three popular home design trends in Melbourne.

  1.     Industrial Interiors

The industrial design movement has a strong sense of stripped-back bareness that gives it its feel. By removing the excess clutter and decoration and exposing the bones of the structure and the materials used, you turn the functional elements of the space into the decorative elements of the space. 

Industrial interiors bring with them a sense of the uniqueness of the space itself, as well as the pieces found within. Oftentimes, reclaimed or recycled items are used in the furniture as well as the decorative pieces. Raw materials such as bricks, unfinished woods, iron and other salvaged goods can shine here, where they are accentuated instead of hidden. Instead of pursuing a flawless and smooth look, often it is the ruggedness, the flaws and imperfections in the materials that give them their great accents.

For those who want a new design for their space, an industrial interior gives them unlimited potential to create the look they are searching for.

  1.     A Relaxation Oasis

Oasis (noun): Something that provides relief, refuge or a pleasant contrast.

Whether you have kids, pets, are in a relationship, live in a multi-generational household or are single, many of the rooms in your home have a sense of urgency about them. The ruckus of life and the coming and going of people can make it hard to find a place that speaks “RELAX”. The bathroom is a great space to contrast all that commotion.

Bathrooms play a pivotal role in your home. You begin and end each day in this room. That means its functionality and its look have a powerful effect on the flow of your everyday life. Creating a relaxation oasis may be exactly what you need. 

You can do this by decorating with plants to create a pop of colour while using light tones throughout the rest of the bathroom. Having simple, elegant and functional furniture matched with a great tub and shower can create the space for refuge and relief that will contrast the busy life outside the bathroom walls.

  1.     The Central Hub (The Kitchen)

It’s no surprise that the kitchen is typically the center of home life. You cook, visit, laugh, argue, teach and eat in this space, as well as almost every other household activity. Its prominence deserves a décor and design to match. 

You may need to use a home extensions builder to extend the kitchen to join other rooms. Or you may need to get the best in renovations in Melbourne to help you turn your kitchen from merely adequate, to a multi-use, functional hub for the whole family. 

This can be accomplished by a well-placed piece of furniture, either a table or island, to separate the room and add a snacking space. Making sure there is enough space to move freely is also key for a great central kitchen. Remove any clutter or create spaces for the inevitable pile of household things that make their way into the kitchen.


2021 can be whatever you want it to be. Leverage these building trends to create the space best suited for your needs this year.