Filled with charm and character, heritage-listed homes provide a rare glimpse into Australia’s past. Architecturally beautiful and historically significant, these houses are certainly worth preservation, and with a carefully considered renovation they can provide a truly remarkable home which blends the beauty of yesteryear with modern functionality. Duncan Thompson Extensions is the leading choice for heritage home extensions in Melbourne, with over 30 years’ experience transforming timeworn houses into modern masterpieces. If you love the idea of blending old with new, there are a few things you need to be aware of before taking the plunge into heritage home ownership.

Understand the Type of Heritage Protection the Property Has

Look up the property address to identify whether it has a state or local heritage listing. If the property is included in the local Heritage Overlay, your local Council is responsible for heritage approvals. If the property is included in the Victorian Heritage Register, you’ll need to engage with the Victorian State Government Heritage Department to discuss any questions or proposed changes.

Your Obligations as an Owner of a State Listed Heritage Property

If your property is included on the Victorian Heritage Register, it is protected by the Heritage Act, which means you have legal obligations of which you should be aware. The Heritage Act requires you to maintain your property to the extent that its conservation is not threatened and to ensure that it does not fall into disrepair. If you allow your property to fall into disrepair, or if you fail to maintain the place to the extent its conservation is threatened, you may be issued with a repair order for the carrying out of works. Failure to comply with a repair order may result in a significant financial penalty. Owners are also obliged to seek permits before undertaking any change to their registered place. Significant penalties may apply if works are undertaken without approval.

Making Changes to Your Property

You can make changes to your property to improve, update or renovate it, however, there are rules and regulations in place and these can vary from state to state, and council to council. It’s essential that you consult with the relevant authorities on any plans you have for undertaking work on the property before you begin them.

When planning works, you should keep in mind the “six principles of high quality building conservation”, these are:

1 – retain cultural heritage significance

2 – use traditional techniques and materials

3 – use appropriately experienced and skilled contractors

4 – do only what is necessary

5 – retain and repair authentic fabric

6 – readily identify new work

Making a heritage-listed property suitable for contemporary living can be incredibly exciting and rewarding but it’s important to work with the right home renovation builder, who has the experience and knowledge to ensure the historical elements are preserved whilst being seamlessly integrated with modern conveniences.

If you are looking to buy a heritage home or if you are the lucky owner of one, Duncan Thompson Extensions can help bring your beautiful old home back to life. We have successfully renovated many historically significant homes in Melbourne, and our team has the expertise to deliver a stunning home renovation that won’t sacrifice the original style of your home. Get in touch with us online now or call us today on (03) 9836 8655.