The history of Burwood, Victoria began with the first settlements in the mid to late 1800s that sparsely populated the town. Over the last 200 years, a constant property boom has occurred, which has ensured Burwood is a place both young and old Australians are flocking to.

This is why Burwood’s history is a fascination

  • 1900 to 1950

The first settlement in the area of Burwood was named Ballyshanassy and was recognised by the Federal Government of Australia in 1858. From having a post office, a cemetery and a neighbourhood of well-meaning settlers, it started to expand.

After the war, the population grew and with the improvement of technology came the first drive-in movie theatre. This was later, sadly for residents of the time, demolished in order to expand the town. The population continued to grow,as did the developments around the town, including housing and the establishment of well-known schools today such as the Presbyterian’s Ladies’ College, and of course, the famous Deakin University.

  • Rise of the young middle-class

With any increase of developments, comes with it the interest of shop owners, tradies and of course, people. Since Burwood increased its area to include the neighbouring areas of Camberwell and Glen Iris, the population grew almost instantly.

This area, with excellent transport via the Burwood railway, ensured it became easier for people to work in town and live in a nice farmland-like neighbourhood that was soon becoming a suburban bliss for the younger middle-class population of Australia.

  • Attractions

Burwood boasts a host of attractions, which bring in thousands of people every year. Just Deakin University alone is enough to draw in a host of students from all over the state. Besides that, primary and secondary schooling in the area is above average and has drawn many parents in Victoria to Burwood for a better education for their children.

Also, new townhouse and apartments have sprung up, decorating the once farmland into a bustling city – especially on the back of the increase in student accommodation. Wattle Park and Gardiners Creek reserve are relaxing getaway sights and views for those wanting to escape from their busy lifestyle.

History is important to all Burwood residents, old and young and remains a strong part of the suburb today.

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